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FREE Delivery over £59* | Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet
FREE Delivery over £59* | Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet
Our Top Christmas Treats: A Dog's Quality Street

Our Top Christmas Treats: A Dog's Quality Street

When it comes to a box of sweet treats at Christmas there are not many that are more synonymous with the festive period than Quality Street. We all have our favourites, the purple one, the green triangle, some strange people even go straight for the orange creams. But, there's one member of the family that will always miss out on a chocolate or two at the end of December, due to their intolerance to it, and that’s our precious pooches.

But never fear, Natural Cornish Pet is here to spread some festive cheer with our resplendent range of terrific treats made especially for the deserving dog in your life, so they can feel the magic of Christmas in their December snacking too. 

This Christmas we have stacked our shelves high with a resplendent range of festive treats for your dogs so they can enjoy the holiday season as much as we do! And with Christmassy treats starting from as little as £1.85, you can help your furriest family member get into the spirit, even if the electricity company is getting the lion's share!

From budget-friendly to fabulously fancy, we have gathered a few of our favourite festive treats so you can gift your four-legged friends some of the best Christmas dog treats around.

JR Pure Turkey Coins for Dogs

One of my personal favourites, when it comes to Quality Street, is the toffee penny. Sadly, yet again, dogs miss out on these chewy, sugary teeth destroyers, but we do have an amazing alternative that is perfect for a stocking filler for our four-legged friends, JR’s Pure Turkey Coins. These coins are made from 100% pure turkey meat, making them irresistible to your dogs and the perfect Christmas treat. These cool coins are suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, are free from any additives, grain or gluten, and are brilliantly budget friendly too.  

JR Pure Turkey Coins for Dogs

Forthglade Soft Bites - Turkey

Another terrific treat that is a great option for those of us who are watching the pennies are the fantastically delicious turkey Forthglade Soft Bites. These glorious grain-free mouthwatering morsels are perfect for almost any occasion. Made with all-natural ingredients, these heart-shaped treats are made with love, care and the perfect blend of goodness and flavour.

Forthglades Turkey Soft Bites are also a steal, at just £1.85 per pack, making them the perfect way to treat your four-legged friends no matter the budget. 

Find your Turkey Forthglade Soft Bites Here>

Woolf Soft Cranberry Strips 

Containing a whopping 50% red cranberries and utilising all their antioxidant properties are the delectable Soft Cranberry Strips from Woolf. The antioxidants in cranberries have been shown to help protect your dog's teeth from plaque and tartar, reduce inflammation and hypertension, as well as helping to promote bone growth and maintenance. All this and chicken too? Yes! And what could be more festive than a roasted chicken with a cranberry twist, we can't think of many.

Woolf - Soft Cranberry Strips Dog Treats

Lily’s Kitchen - Festive Christmas Turkey Jerky 

Do you need a tempting grain-free and festive treat that will dazzle your dog’s tastebuds on Christmas morning? Then look no further than Lily’s Kitchen’s Festive Christmas Turkey Jerky. Mae with a mouthwatering mix of all-natural and classically Christmassy ingredients these jerky pieces are hard not to eat yourself! From cranberries, thyme and cinnamon to the star of the show, the freshly prepared turkey, these fantastic festive treats scream Christmas in every beautiful bite.

Pet Bakery - Festive Christmas Dinner Dog Treats

A gourmet shortbread biscuit, handmade with only the highest quality ingredients, with no artificial flavourings, preservatives or salt, laced with turkey and cranberries. Sounds too good to be true. But, these artisanal triumphs are real and are on our shelves ready to be devoured with delight by your dogs. 

Pet Bakery - Festive Dog Biscuits

So, when it comes to the time to stock up on the boxes of sweets and tins of biscuits that will be dotted around your house until February, don't forget to include your four-legged friends in the festive cheer. Christmas is a time for all the family to get together and enjoy good food and company and it should be no different for our dogs. And with our terrific range of Christmassy treats, it surely won't be!

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