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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
New Year New Look Welcome To The Pets Larder - The Pets Larder A Natural Pet Shop

New Year New Look Welcome To The Pets Larder

Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet, we’re rebranding as The Pets Larder to encompass all that we wish to become through 2024 and beyond...

What? After establishing the Natural Cornish Pet shop in our small day care reception the business has come a long way as a National brand. It was never anticipated in the early days of 2017 when deciding upon a name that we would ever have come as far as we have and the Natural Cornish Pet Shop fitted who we were, however, as our presence has grown and along with it our online business, we feel that as we come into our sixth year in business it is time that we updated our image and with it our name, welcome The Pets Larder. 

Change can be scary! Fear not:

  • Subscription orders will remain the same
  • Our excellent team will be the same
  • We will be expanding our product offering
  • We will be introducing our money saving loyalty rewards scheme

Why? The Pets Larder is to stand for all that the Natural Cornish Pet began and will house all of the same award winning brands, along with our expansion beyond that of just dogs and cats to include all companion animals and wildlife over the coming months.

We see this as our opportunity to offer and grow our curated range of selected products to create a one stop shop for our loyal fan base, whilst using our knowledge of the pet industry to continue to deliver exceptional value for money in the products we choose to sell. Leaving you safe in the knowledge that no compromises have been taken when bringing you the best.

Natural Cornish Pet will remain, it will however now just be representative of our Cornish lines of products which include our famous Cornish Peanut Butter for Dogs, Fish Cubes, Fingers and Cookies. Leaving no question about the origins of either the ingredients or the brand, further distilling transparency in what it is we do. We will continue to innovate the line as its own stand alone brand, housed under The Pets Larder.

When? February will mark the official launch for The Pets Larder and along with it the release of a few new product lines with many more to be added over the coming months. The design of the website will remain the same and along with it our excellent team in our warehouse that delivers our five star reputation.

New Year New Look Welcome To The Pets Larder

“This is a proud moment for me as an independent business owner, and one that marks the future for both The Pets Larder and Natural Cornish Pet. I hope our wonderful community will continue to enjoy and benefit from our dedication to customer and pet satisfaction for many years to come!’ - Director Katy Peck | The Pets Larder


Our Mission 

  • To grow our range of excellent pet care products, championing businesses that recognise ethical working practices, sustainable ethics and natural ingredients.
  • To strive for excellent customer satisfaction, which creates memorable moments for both owner and pet.
  • To create a business our team are proud of being part of, growing a business of like minded and enthusiastic individuals that enjoy the impact that their work creates to customers.

Find and follow for latest news our new facebook page Here > The Pets Larder Facebook

We are offering an exclusive February discount for those that follow our Facebook Page, you will also find our launch competition.

You can also enjoy 10% off for the whole month of February with the code: Welcome10


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