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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
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Affordable Aflora: The Fabulous Food for Canny Canines

One of the major issues with finding a great dog food for your precious pooches is that it can be hard to find something that is not only all-natural and nutritionally complete but affordable too. 

Now more than ever, due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, more and more households are having to scale back and watch what they spend their hard-earned money on. At The Pets Larder, the last thing we want is for families to have to make the decision to move towards pet foods that are filled with fillers and are made with profit in mind, rather than the wellbeing and health of our furry friends due to what is in their wallets. 

So the question is: Is it truly possible to find a dog food that is full of nutrition, packed with a high meat content, all-natural and grain-free for as little as 0.25p per portion? 

Well, thankfully the answer is yes! And it comes in the form of the incomparable Aflora range of grain-free dog foods available from The Pets Larder. 

In today’s post, we will be giving you the lowdown on the amazingly affordable Aflora and what makes it so great for your handsome hounds.

Aflora: A Marriage of Quality and Affordability

As you may, or may not, know Aflora is a sister company to Natural Cornish Pet, founded by our awesome owners Katy and Jordan. The goal for Aflora was to create a range of all-natural foods that would be high quality, rich in proteins, completely grain-free and, above all, affordable. One of the main reasons we can keep our prices low for the Aflora range is that we take it straight from the factory and sell it directly to you, our discerning customers, cutting out that pesky middle-man.

The grain-free range of foods from Aflora is developed and continues to be developed, based on the knowledge, experience and expertise of Katy and Jordan, meaning you can be assured that every morsel in the bountiful bags is made from the very best ingredients available and with all the luxury and love they can muster. 

The ethos behind Aflora has always been and will continue to be; “to produce a range of dry dog foods that are all-natural, loaded with meaty goodness and are completely grain-free as well as being affordable and accessible to dogs of all shapes, sizes and budgets”

Aflora All-Natural Dry Dog Food

Affordable Aflora

But what is the bottom line? I hear you ask! For smaller dog breeds the cost of feeding is obviously less, regardless of what you are feeding them - unless it's caviar and champagne - (we do not recommend this!!!), as they will inevitably eat less. An average small-breed dog, weighing around 5KG, will consume about 100g of dry dog food a day. Based on the cost of the fabulous Aflora Minster with Chicken and Sweet Potato in 15KG bags, this would work out to less than 0.32p per day, not too shabby at all!

For medium dogs weighing in the region of 20KG consuming around 300g of dry food per day, this cost would be around 0.96p. 

We know you can’t really put a price on the health and wellbeing of your dogs, but if you did have to, 0.96p per day would be a very manageable one! 

Amazingly Affordable Aflora: The Whole Range

Alongside being super-affordable and packed with the best ingredients around, Aflora has a fantastic range of flavours and varieties so you can be sure there will be something suitable for your furry friend.

Aflora Penrose is formulated for dogs in their senior years, supporting them through their golden age with all the love and goodness they need. The lean recipe of turkey and sweet potato is fortified with cranberries and joint care, so your golden oldies can have great sources of essential vitamins as well as added benefits for their joints and cartilage which tend to get weaker with age.

Aflora Penrose Natural Dry Dog Food

Get Your Aflora Penrose Here>

Aflora Trencrom is a specially devised recipe that is made to be perfect for the larger breeds, packed with plentiful protein and a fantastic variety of nutrition-loaded vegetables.

Pick Up Your Aflora Trencrom Here>

Aflora Star Gazey Puppy is, as you might have guessed, our resplendent recipe for the adolescent dogs in your life. Packed full of fish and omega oils so your little ones can get their little mouths around some of the finest catches of the day!

Aflora Star Gazey Natural Dry Dog Food

See More about Aflora Star Gazey Puppy Here>

As well as all of these amazing specialist varieties, Aflora has a fantastic range of fabulously delicious flavours perfect for the median dog. From venison and salmon to lamb and sweet potato, to name but a few, we are sure there is the perfect affordable Aflora Option for you and your furry friends to enjoy.

Browse the Whole of the Awesome Aflora Range Here>

So, when it comes to affordability alongside the best quality dry dog food around, Aflora really is the one to choose when you’re doing your dog’s shopping, at Natural Cornish Pet.

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