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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Chicken Feet - A Brilliant Grain Free Dog Treat For Every Day - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Chicken Feet - A Brilliant Grain Free Dog Treat For Every Day

There are many different changes we can make, as pet owners, to help prevent the onset of global warming. Many of the measures we’ve taken, at our little natural pet store, are great ways to reduce our and, by proxy, your carbon pawprints. These include offsetting our carbon emissions, making sure that we supply only the very best all natural chews and treats around, and making sure the producers we work with are also at the top of their game when it comes to being eco-friendly. 

Another great way of reducing the amount of animals that are farmed for pet food production and therefore reducing all of our impacts on the environment, is by utilising every single part of the animals we, and our pets, consume and at The Pets Larder we have a plethora of ways to do this.

Offal is the often unused entrails and offcuts of meat production and includes heart, tripe, liver and feet/hooves. Despite the modern proclivity toward the dislike of offal, we humans have been eating it for thousands of years, mainly due to the fact that waste of food would have been seen as the ultimate sin in most societies of the past. 

Find out more about sustainable eating for humans from The Independent Here>

Chicken Feet for Foodie Treats

One of the most common pieces of offal seen around the world in modern kitchens is the humble chicken foot. Although you may not have seen this ingredient with any regularity in the UK, chicken feet are used in many areas of modern Chinese cuisine as an accoutrement in bar snacks, soups and main dishes, so much so that in some areas of China chicken feet can be more expensive than chicken breasts. Chicken feet have also long been used as a flavour enhancer in stocks and soups and are still not an uncommon sight in Jewish kitchens around the world for this very reason. Chicken feet can also be found in cuisines from Jamaican to Thai and almost everything in between. In fact here in western Europe we are really the odd ones out and you’ll probably only see this wonderful ingredient in markets in larger cities where there are communities of non-European immigrants in higher concentrations. For human consumption chicken feet are cooked in a myriad of ways including deep frying, stir frying and boiling. These cooking methods are usually used to accentuate the much sought after texture of the muscle free tendons and skin that are found in the feet.

Chicken Feet in Cuisine, a sustainable food choice around the world

If you'd like to find out more about cooking chicken feet in a Chinese style then check out some of the great recipes at China Sichuan Food Here>  

Now, much of this may seem very alien, and probably a little nausea inducing, for those of you with a weaker disposition when it comes to food. However, all these wonderful flavours and textures are guaranteed to be absolutely perfect for at least one member of your family……

Chicken Feet For Dogs From Your Favourite Natural Pet Shop

Here at our wonderful natural pet store in the deep west of Cornwall we love a chew that is all natural, full of beautiful benefits for your dogs and is a treat for the wallet too, and the humble chicken foot fits this bill perfectly. Chicken feet are a great way to give your dog a chew that is delightfully delicious, brilliantly beneficial to their dental health, naturally produced and is great to the environment too, as it uses a by-product of the human meat production industry.

The Benefits of Chicken Feet for Dogs

The Pets Larder's - Chicken Feet are naturally air dried to lock in all the natural flavour and chewiness of these delightful, all natural, grain free dog treats. This gentle air drying process also completely takes away the risk of bone splintering and as such are suitable for all dogs, no matter their shape, size or age. The chewy texture and unique shape of chicken feet is also a fantastic way to keep your dog's gums and teeth clean, as they get into those hard to reach places whilst your four legged friends chew. As with all of our own brand products, The Pets Larder's - Chicken Feet are completely free from any additives or preservatives and, as these feet are 100% chicken, they are grain, gluten and lactose free too. Perfect for those dogs with a slightly more sensitive stomach or for those with allergies to other meat or fish based chews. 

Our Chicken feet can be got for as little as 25p, are available in great value bulk quantities and really are an amazing addition to any dog's daily routine. They can also be found in our fabulous chicken based Cluck In! Deli Bundle, which is a superb selection of our very best chicken treats and is a perfect stocking filler for your fabulously furry friends. 

All Natural Chicken Feet for dogs - a grain free treat
100% Natural Deli Bundle Chicken Chew Box for Dogs

So, with a price tag that is as small as can be, a host of brilliant benefits and some solid eco-friendly credentials, The Pets Larder - Chicken Feet are the perfect chew for those dogs who love to be moral whilst masticating.

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