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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Cool Carnilove and Their Wonderful Wild-Origin Pet Foods Carnilove Wild Origin Food and Dog Playing In Water - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop Carnilove Wild Origin Food and Dog Playing In Water - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Cool Carnilove and Their Wonderful Wild-Origin Pet Foods

At The Pets Larder, we are constantly looking for the very best in pet foods, treats, toys and chews in order to stock our shelves full to the brim with a capacious collection of the pinnacle of all-natural pet products, for you, our wonderful customers.

When we are searching for brands, to work with, we have a rigorous set of standards that any product must pass in order to appear in our inventory. We only work with brands that have sustainable models, the highest ethical standards and ones that are committed to providing the very best all-natural foods, treats and chews for our perfect pets. 

One of the brilliant brands we absolutely love working with is the awesome Carnilove, which produces a resplendent range of wild-origin meat-based pet foods that are perfect for those pets whose diet is trying to correspond to a more natural way of eating. 

Carnilove Dog Foods on Natural Cornish Pet Shelves

In today’s post, we will be exploring Carnilove, their phenomenal products and how your dogs and cats can benefit from a diet that closely resembles one that they might have consumed before their cohabitation with humans. 

Pet Diet Evolution and the Benefit of Wild-Origin Meats 

Once upon a time in the distant past, humans decided to domesticate and live alongside dogs and cats, and thank god they did! However, with domestication came moves toward a diet that more closely resembled that of us humans than it did the wild ancestors of our pets. This move towards foods with grains and other fillers such as potatoes has ended with the modern dog food era and a diet that is probably as far as it’s ever been from its ancestral roots. 

The good news is that lots of pet food producers, including Carnilove and ourselves at The Pets Larder, have taken steps to ensure your pets have a choice in this matter and can be fed foods that are diverse, delicious and as close to their ancestral diets as possible, making for happier and healthier lives.

But what is wild-origin meat, I hear you ask? Simply put, wild-origin meats are those that most closely respond to the composition of natural prey that would have been consumed by your pet’s forebears. Examples of wild-origin meats include; reindeer, wild boar, salmon, duck and pheasant and are a great source of important and bio-appropriate amino acids. Dogs have been part of the human story for over 14,000 years now and we think it’s high time we treated them like we would ourselves and feed them with the most appropriate and best quality foods we can.

Dog in the Wilderness

Carnilove Pet Food & Treats at The Pets Larder

Carnilove makes sure that all their foods and treats are made up of ingredients that correspond to that of the ancestors of our pets and are made up of a minimum of 60% meat, using wild-origin sources, alongside; forest fruits, vegetables, wild berries and herbs.

Carnilove has designed its products “with careful consideration for the historical continuity of cohabitation between pets and humans”. As well as this, their foods and treats contain ingredients and proportions specifically developed with ancestral pet diets in mind and are produced using the latest processes and technologies. 

See the Whole Carnilove Wild-Origin Pet Food Range Right Here>

Carnilove True Fresh Dog Foods

The True Fresh range of dry dog food from Carnilove is a great way to get your dog onto a feed with more bio-appropriate ingredients. Stuffed full of wild-origin meats alongside a veritable plethora of fruits, vegetables and herbs, there are not many better ways to introduce your dog to a diet based on their ancestral habits than the True Fresh range from Carnilove. 

Carnilove True Fresh Natural Dog Food

Grab a Bag of Carnilove True Fresh Dog Food Here>

Carnilove Meat Jerky 

Marvellously meaty and tantalisingly treaty for the tastebuds, Carnilove’s Meat Jerky range is the perfect way to satisfy every one of those meaty cravings your canine companion has. Comprising a magical minimum of 90% meat alongside the very best non-meat ingredients mother nature has to offer, these tasty treats are the perfect way to reward and nourish your dogs.

Treat Your Dogs With the Carnilove Meat Jerky Range Here>

Carnilove Wild-Origin Fillets - Cat Food Pouches

Last but by no means least (we stock over 20 different Carnilove products to date), is one for the cat owners amongst us. Carniloves Wild-Origin Fillets contain a whopping 85% meat alongside a beautiful bony broth and some of nature's finest herbs and oils. These pouches are a complete food for adult cats, specially formulated to be as close in composition as possible to that of their feline ancestors.

So, if you’re looking to get your pet’s diet into ship shape and are considering an ancestral approach to doing so, why not try Carnilove’s resplendent range of wild-origin foods and treats and give your perfect pal something tasty and nourishing to eat, every day.

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