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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Dog Walking and Safety in the Dark - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Dog Walking and Safety in the Dark

Although it feels like we haven't had much of a summer this year I'm sad to report that autumn is just around the corner, with its official start date being September 22nd. With the progression of the year into the autumnal months comes the shorter days and the darker evenings and mornings. Inconveniently these also happen to be the times that most of us would prefer to take our dogs for their walks and with the nights drawing in earlier and earlier it becomes less and less safe for you and your canine companion if you are walking in close proximity to traffic or other hazards. Never fear though, as at The Pets Larder we have a few solutions that will keep your dog easily seen in the darkness and potentially save their lives. 

Safety Products for Walking Your Dogs in the Dark

If you tend to walk your dogs in the early mornings and the evenings, as the autumn starts to roll in and the daylight hours reduce, it's important to make sure you and your dog can be well seen. For us humans, carrying torches and wearing reflective clothing can help to keep us safe and at The Pets Larder we have got some great products that will help to keep your dog be easily seen in the dark too.

Orbiloc Safety Lights 

The Orbiloc Safety Light range at The Pets Larder features a variety of coloured safety lights that can easily be attached to the leads and harnesses of your dogs and help to keep your dog clearly conspicuous on those dusky autumnal walks. The Orbiloc Safety Lights are battery powered but each battery can last for up to 250 hours and are quick and simple to replace. The safety lights can be seen from up to 5km away and have a uniquely designed lens that allows them to be seen from many different angles enabling your dog to be seen even more clearly in the dark. 

If you are like us and still like to enjoy a stroll on the beach or in the woods despite the light levels, the Orbiloc Safety Lights are also waterproof to a depth of 100 metres and have been manufactured to withstand huge pressure too, so your dog can be seen and be safe whatever terrain you take when the sun is down. All of the Orbiloc lights from The Pets Larder come with a quick adjustable mount, a velcro mount and a buckle that makes them easy to fix to almost any dog accessory. On top of all of this they also all come with a three year warranty making them the easy choice of light not to be without this winter. 

Get Your Dog Seen With an Orbiloc Safety Light From Here>Orbiloc Safety Light for dogs

Hurtta Leads, Coats and Collars

Another great way to keep your dog seen in the dark is to dress them to impress and get some awesome accessories full of fabulous reflective surfaces and bold colours. Our range from Hurtta, here at The Pets Larder, is stuffed full of luxury leads, cool coats, quality collars and handsome harnesses that feature a range of bold colours alongside 3M fabric so your dog can be seen easily wherever they wander. The 3M material is a retroreflective fabric that basically reflects light back to its source, think lollipop ladies and hi-visibility vests with a bit more class!! This makes your dog easily seen by any vehicles, torches and in street or house lights and gives them an extra level of safety. 

Coming from the cold shores of Finland, Hurtta are experts in dog walking in darkness, because in Finland the days in winter can be as short as only six hours. This brilliant Nordic company has been making leads and other apparel for dogs for over 20 years and have an ethos of making products that are built to withstand the elements whilst keeping your canine companions safe and secure. If you'd like to make a simple and cost effective change to your dog's routine and keep them safe in the dark, why not try one of the Hurtta Weekend Warrior Eco Harnesses. These leads have the 3M fabric sewn into them and are a sleek and stylish way to stay safe as well as helping you to reduce your carbon paw-print as they are made with 100% recycled polyester. 

Peruse our Hurrta Range Here and Help to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Dark>

So, as we turn the corner into Autumn and the golden browns of our hedgerows and treetops, we know it's time to think about the safety of our dog walks. At The Pets Larder we have a whole host of clever gadgets and awesome accessories to make your dog as conspicuous as can be when the nights draw in and the dawns start to be delayed.

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