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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Fabulous Forthglade Pet Foods - A Devonian Delight Forthglade Natural Dog Foods Selection

Fabulous Forthglade Pet Foods - A Devonian Delight

Here, at The Pets Larder we are constantly striving to find the best dog foods, treats, chews and accessories, for the discerning canine, that we possibly can. This involves a never-ending search for the very best we can find and an ever-evolving selection of products in our stock rooms, so you always have a choice of the creme de la creme when it comes to looking after your four-legged friends.

However, since the very beginning of the The Pets Larder journey, we have been huge fans of several superb South-West-based companies and have had their perfect products, which have become mainstays and customer favourites, adorning our shelves since the first time we opened our doors to the public. 

One such company is the fantastic Forthglade, which has been making some of the best grain-free, all-natural, wonderfully wholesome treats, and dry and wet dog foods since 1971, all from the heart of the Devonian countryside.

Fabulous Forthglade Dog Foods

The thing that we love, above all else, about the fabulous folks at Forthglade is their commitment to providing dogs with foods and treats that are; high in the best quality protein, bursting with nourishment in the form of natural ingredients, completely free of any fillers or artificial contaminants and are mouth-wateringly moreish to your dogs. 

And with over 50 years of passion and expertise, they have become a market leader among pet food manufacturers, and we can’t think of many companies whose products we trust more than theirs. 

From tremendous training treats and their superb Soft-Bites to a plethora of fantastically flavourful wet foods for almost any dog, the amazing selection of Forthglade options on our shelves, here at The Pets Larder is brilliantly varied, tremendously tasty and full of the very best of the South West in every bite.

See our Superb Section of Fabulous Forthglade Dog Products Here>

The Best of Forthglade’s Natural Dog Treats

One of the most popular treats on our shelves is the spectacular Soft Bites range from those clever brains at Forthglade. These tasty tidbits are packed full of flavour and all-natural ingredients to make a grain-free treat that is perfect to use as a resplendent reward. Softer than your average dog treat, giving your dog a marvellous mouthfeel and designed especially to nourish the relationship between dog and owner, Forthglade’s Soft Bites are always a great option for the goodest dogs! 

Forthglade Soft Bites for Dogs

Forthglade’s Soft Bites are able to be broken in two for the smaller dog in your life, or just to make them last longer, and are available in five fabulous flavours, from Chicken and Duck to luscious Lamb, so you'll be sure to find an option that will tempt your favourite canine companion. 

As with everything that is made in the Forthglade factory in Okehampton, Devon, these tremendous treats are free from any artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives and are made with only the best all-natural ingredients, as well as being graciously grain-free for those with a more sensitive disposition. 

See our Resplendent Range of Forthglade’s Soft Bites for Dogs Here>

The Best Grain-Free Wet Dog Foods from Forthglade

Forthglade Wet Dog Food For Puppies


The wet food offering from this delightful Devonian outfit has been something we have always been happy to offer to our customers due to the fact it is made with all the expertise we dog owners could hope for. 

Produced in their purpose-built facility in Dartmoor, just a stone's throw from the Cornwall border, with one of the ten Forthglade-approved protein sources and the only additions coming in the form of vegetables, herbs, vitamins, minerals and oils, the wonderful wet dog food options Forthglade offer are ones not to be missed.

As we mentioned above all of the Forthglade products are completely free from any nasty additives and are made to be less processed to make them nutritionally more complete and great for sensitive tummies too. All of their wet dog food options are also made with at least 75% good quality protein and are ‘complete’ meaning they contain everything your dog needs to stay happy, healthy and satisfied after each and every meal. 


So, when it comes to the best in the South West, we don't rate many in the same bracket as the fantastic Forthglade and its sumptuous range of treats and wet foods. They have been on our shelves from the very start and will remain there as long as they continue to do what they do so well!

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