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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Keeping your Dog Cool; Tips & Tricks - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Keeping your Dog Cool; Tips & Tricks

As the temperatures begin to soar this summer it's time to start thinking about keeping ourselves and our canine companions hydrated and cool. As dogs don't sweat through their skin and can only cool themselves through their nose, paws and by panting, they are very susceptible to heatstroke, as I'm sure we would be if we had a gloriously furry coat on all year round!

At The Pets Larder we know how difficult it can be to keep our dogs cool and hydrated during those hot days, especially when all they want to do is play outside. However we have a few handy hints and tips as well as some great products on our shelves to help you keep them safe this summer.

dog under umbrella with water bowl

Keeping Your Dog Cool..


First and foremost, and top of the The Pets Larder list of tips (and probably the most simple!) is keeping a constant supply of fresh water available at all times. Whether it's a bowl that's topped up regularly at home or remembering to keep water with you when out and about, it really is the best thing you can do to help your dog regulate their body temperature. Another way of making sure water is always available is to get a small paddling pool or large bowl, depending on the size of your pooch, so they can have a dip as well as a drink!

Dog drinking from water bottle

Look for Shade

Our second top tip for summer comfort is to make sure that there is plenty of shade for you dogs to play and relax in. It might seem like an obvious statement but some dogs don't quite realise the importance of being out of the direct sunshine, if this applies to your furry friend then perhaps try coaxing them in with a Pets Larder treat or toy. 

Frozen Treats

Our third summer cooling trick is a little left of field but is a delicious way to treat your dog whilst helping them to keep their temperature down on those balmy summer days. Frozen peanut butter is a tasty way to make keeping cool exciting for your dog, simply mould some of the nutty butter into an ice cube tray and pop into the freezer until frozen. You can also add mashed fruits or a meat stock to these treats to amp up the flavour and let your dog fall in love with staying cool. Another great idea is to fill a KONG toy with that nutty goodness and to freeze that too for a fantastically fun summer treat.  It's important to use a xylitol free peanut butter that is safe for dogs, luckily we have got all bases covered here with The Pets Larders very own peanut butter, specifically formulated for your furry friends.

Natural Cornish Pet Shop Peanut Butter for dogs

Keeping Cool And Hydrated: Our Favourite Products

Hurrta Motivation Cooling Vest

If your canine companion finds it difficult to stay cool when out and about on their favourite walk, during a training session or whilst strutting their stuff at the local dog show, then Hurrta have the product for you. Hurrta’s Motivation Cooling Vest uses the age-old method of evaporation for cooling, simply dip the vest into water, wring out and fasten around your dog's chest. This vest boasts double the amount of absorption than the conventional terry cloth coats. It is designed to protect the chest area around the vital organs, is available in sizes from XXS to XXL and is a pretty stylish garment to boot. This vest also boasts a durable zip so getting it on and off is as easy as a summer afternoon.

Hurtta Motivation Cooling Vest Blue

At The Pets Larder Pet Shop we love a bit of the Cornish sunshine but we also know how important keeping ourselves and our dogs cool and hydrated is too. So before you galavant in your garden or bound on the beach this summer, make sure you remember to hydrate and stay cool to keep the fun times rolling.

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