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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Magical Meal Toppers - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Magical Meal Toppers

This week in Cornwall the weather has really started to set in and you can feel winter in the air amongst the scents of bonfires and the visual extravaganza of the trees morphing into their deep golden hues. At this time of year, when the cold and damp starts to take its toll, it's a good idea to supplement your diet with extra nutrition so your body and mind can easily weather the storm until spring. The very same can be said for our dogs, however it can be hard to get your canine companions to take supplement pills or powders every day despite their need for a little extra TLC in the winter months. At The Pets Larder we think one of the best and easiest ways to improve your dog's diet in nutrition and flavour, is a super simple, magical meal topper. 

Meal Toppers For Dogs

Meal toppers are pretty much exactly what they sound like, a brilliantly beneficial topping for your dog's meals. A meal topper can come in many forms, from pastes and pates to oils and sprinkles and all of them can help to bring your dog's food to life, adding extra nourishment, flavour and a host of other brilliant benefits to boot. At The Pets Larder we have been involving meal toppers in our dogs’ dinners for many years as we love the simplicity and the ease with which we can get some extra love and nourishment into our best friends. Best of all? Our dogs love them too, as they come in a whole range of fantastic flavours and forms and can help to keep them bouncing around effortlessly all winter long.

Meal toppers are also a great way to mix up your dog's food options so they don't get bored with the same old kibble day in, day out. With a sense of smell that is more than twenty times more powerful than that of ours, meaning they can sense each and every ingredient, it's important to give dogs a good variety in their diet and meal toppers are a simple and cost effective way of doing this. It’s as simple as buying a good quality all natural kibble such as one of the options in our amazing Aflora range and adding to it, one of the plethora of options of meal toppers we have at The Pets Larder. This gives your dog not only a great selection of fabulous flavours to choose from but a huge variety of brilliant nutritional benefits too. 

Aflora Grain Free Dog Food - Natural Pet Store

Magnificent Meal Toppers from Natural Cornish Pet

As we said above at Natural Cornish Pet we love a meal topper and as such have a pretty good idea of the best ones around (even though we may be a little biased!!). We have chosen a few of our favourites so you can start your meal topper journey with a trusted recommendation from the Pet Retailer Of the Year 2021, Natural Cornish Pet. 

Salmon Oil For Dogs

Our very own sustainably and ethically sourced Natural Cornish Pet Salmon Oil is packed with omega oils and is a delicious way to get the advantages of fish into your dogs diet. The omega oils contained in this fabulously fishy oil can have a whole host of health benefits for your dogs including; improving joint mobility, relief from dry and itchy skin and strengthening the immune system, to name but a few. If you are a cat AND a dog person, you'll be happy to find out that this salmon oil is also great for your feline friends too. Simple drizzle onto food before serving and watch as they devour their dinner with vigour.

Scottish Salmon Oil Supplement For Dogs - Natural Pet Store

Golden Paste Co. - Golden Paste

This perfect paste is ready straight from the pouch and utilises all of the brilliant benefits of turmeric. Made with all natural ingredients and formulated to enhance the ingredients bioavailability, Golden Paste is a natural source of antioxidants and helps to reduce inflammation in joints too. Turmeric has also been shown to aid digestion and help to maintain a healthy skin and coat and what's more, getting it into your dog's diet is as easy as adding a spoonful of the glorious Golden Paste to your furry friend's favourite dinner. 

Golden Paste Turmeric Supplement For Dogs and Cats - Natural Pet Store.

Natural Cornish Pet - Boost & Nourish

If your dog likes a bit more texture in their food, then why not try one of our crunchy Boost & Nourish Meal Toppers. These marvellous meal toppers are made from sustainably caught British fish and are full of omega oils which are not naturally found in your dog's digestive system but are essential in the maintenance of healthy joints, skin and coat. On top of all this the toppers are irresistible to dogs and help to add a bit of variety and pizazz to their food. Natural Cornish Pet Boost & Nourish Meal Toppers are available in three fantastic flavours Cornish Redfish, Cornish Whitefish and Scottish Salmon and are currently in our superb sale with up to a fantastic 40% off. 

Boost & Nourish Meal Topper for Dogs

If you want to give your dog a little more flavour, variety and nourishment in their meals we think you should try one of the fantastic meal toppers we have here at Natural Cornish Pet. Available from our shop at St. Erth, Cornwall or online anytime here at The Pets Larder, our meal toppers are a must try for any dog owner who loves to make the most out of their best friend's mealtimes.

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