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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Making New Year's Resolutions With Your Dog - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Making New Year's Resolutions With Your Dog

As we say farewell to Christmas, on its twelfth night, this Wednesday and the decorations are reluctantly taken down, we all start to look toward the new year and what it has in store for us. Traditionally, when January begins, many of us will set out a selection of resolutions to live the next year by and change the behaviours we feel we would be better off amending. These resolutions come in many forms but at The Pets Larder we like a certain type of intention, ones that pertain to our perfect pets!

New Years Resolutions for You and Your Dog

When making resolutions for you and your canine companions, we think it’s best to try and make ones that will be beneficial for all parties involved. A resolution that is advantageous to your pets as well as you will often be easier to keep, as it will be easier to maintain a routine and you won’t be accountable to yourself alone. 

Common New Year’s resolutions such as getting fit, eating healthier and changing our negative behaviours, are also ones that many of our dogs could do with following too. Yet another great reason to make your resolutions align with that of your dogs.   

We also think having our dogs around makes every aspect of life just that little bit better and will certainly help to ease the transition from the excesses of Christmas into a healthier and happier new year.

Getting Active in the New Year

According to Oxford Mail, the top two resolutions for people in Britain are to exercise more and to lose weight. At The Pets Larder we believe that all shapes and sizes of dogs and people are beautiful but we are always keen to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for humans and hounds alike. 

Find Out What The Top Ten Human Resolutions are Here>

Regular exercise is so important for a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing and one of the best bits of being a dog owner is you get to reap these rewards too, all whilst spending some quality time with your favourite furry friends.

Regular walks can also give you and your dog an opportunity to explore your local surroundings and get in touch with the natural world at the same time. Spring is just around the corner and mother nature will soon be showing off her dazzling displays of daffodils and the flowering of hedgerows and gardens across the country any time now. 

So when making your resolutions this year get some active hobbies on the list and see how it can help you and your furry friends.

Why not make a commitment to exploring new walks with your dog, try having a look on websites and apps such as to see what wonders are in your local area waiting to be traversed. 

Or how about taking up a new active hobby that your dog can join you in, such as wild swimming, jogging or cycling. 

Whether it’s something simple like increasing the number of walks you take or an activity that’s a little more left-of-field, like dog yoga, getting active this new year, in any way, will benefit you and your dogs physical and mental wellbeing in spades.  

Dog Walking New Year's Resolution

Eating Healthier For You and Your Dog

Number Three on the list featured in Oxford Mail is the resolution “Improving diets”, with a staggering 41% of people surveyed saying they would like to change their diets for the better in the new year. This has now also come to include dietary changes that are beneficial for the environment as well as for an individuals health, such as veganism and pescetarianism. 

A dogs diet is as important as ours is and giving them foods that are sourced from natural and sustainable sources, as well as ones that are packed with nutrition, is of paramount importance. 

And if you’re reading this blog you’ve certainly found the right place to find some of the best all-natural dog foods, chews and treats around. 

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When it comes to making resolutions about your and your dog’s diet, we think that small and simple changes can make a huge difference to your health and reduce your carbon paw-print too.

Try changing your daily snacks and your dog’s treats and chews to vegetarian ones. This will increase the number of vegetables you and your furry friends consume, whilst reducing the meat intake of your household which is great for the environment. 

Vegetarian Dog Chews

Try mixing up the protein sources for your households evening meals. Eating sustainable fish a few evenings a week, for example, would be a great way to introduce essential omega oils into your and your dog’s diet as well as being another superb way to reduce your carbon foot and paw prints.

Start off slowly and introduce your dog to fish with some fishy goodness alongside their dinner with something like our Dried Sprats. Perfect as a meal topper or tasty treat. 

Fish Treats for Dogs

So this year, make your resolutions ones that can be shared with your furry friends and see how much easier they seem. Whether it’s getting fitter or changing your eating habits, we know you’ve got this and you know that we are here to provide the best for your dog to help you all along the way.

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