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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Natural Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats - The Pets Larder A Natural Pet Shop

Natural Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats

Here in Cornwall, fishing has always been a huge part of the traditional way of life, with miles of gorgeous coastlines and harbours around every corner you can't go far without coming across a fishing boat in this part of the country. At The Pets Larder we think using one of the most valued resources that Cornwall has to offer is super important to maintain the jobs that have kept the county thriving for generations alive. And fish also has the superb bonus of being an awesome source of a veritable plethora of nutrition for our dogs and cats too.

When it comes to protein sources for our delightful dogs, fish might not always come at the top of the list of options that you first think of. However, fish contains so many nutrients that can benefit our canine companions in a myriad of ways that it really should. 

Cat Eating Fish on a Wall

When it comes to cats, fish has always been on the menu, we know our fabulous felines absolutely love the taste and have been reaping the rewards of keeping fish in their diet for centuries.

However, there are some cats and dogs that are pretty fussy and even the smell of fish can put them off their dinner. So, the question becomes; “how do we get all those benefits of fabulous fish into their diets without them having to eat a whole fillet”?

Well, the answer is, thankfully, super simple, with fabulous fish oils!

Natural Fish Oils for Dogs and Cats

Fish oils come in a range of shapes, sizes and varieties, however, our favourite, here at The Pets Larder, is a dose of superb salmon oil. We have two varieties on our shelves; one which is made by the great guys at Green & Wilds from sustainably sourced Icelandic salmon and our very own version which is made from the finest and freshest sustainable Scottish salmon. Both are an excellent and exceptionally easy way to get all the fabulous benefits of fish into your pet's diet with a simple splash served on top of their daily meals. Packed with long and short-chain omega 3 & 6, these superb supplements offer a wide range of health benefits to your canine companions and feline friends.

Green & Wilds Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

Benefits of Salmon Oils for Dogs and Cats

Older dogs will benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of salmon oil as well as the boost it can give to their immune systems as they age. Salmon oil is also said to improve joint mobility which becomes a problem that increases exponentially with age, alongside that it can also help to support cardiovascular health which is something we should all be aware of in our senior dogs.

Younger dogs will benefit from all of this plus improvements in the areas of cognitive function and density of bones. All dogs will benefit from fish oil supplements as they contain EPA and DHA both of which help with coat health, liver disorders and skin issues.

Natural Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats


For our feline fanciers, salmon oil can be an excellent way to help your acts get some of those outstanding omega oils and fabulous fatty acids into their diet too. These can help your perfect pussycats to maintain health in a multitude of areas, including but not limited to, joint health, heart health, issues with inflammation in the kidneys joints and cartilage, cognitive function, skin health and the maintenance of a good quality coat.

The fatty acids and omega oils in salmon oil are also a great way for kittens and older cats to develop and m maintain their optic nerves and in turn nurture healthy eyesight for as long as possible.

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Salmon oil has also been said to help reduce the chance of furballs. Whilst hairballs are an unavoidable part of being a cat, a poor-quality coat will lead to more hair being swallowed during grooming and itchy skin can increase your cat's grooming unnecessarily, if they are irritated by it, leading to a greater chance of furballs and a lower chance of them being able to digest it normally.

All in all the benefits of salmon oil for cats and dogs are varied and plentiful and as such we think that most pet owners should have a bottle of this superb supplement in their arsenal of essential pet products. Another great thing about this fishy supplement is that it goes a long way, there are, on average, 1,250 servings in a 250ml bottle of salmon oil for dogs and cats meaning that, based on a 250ml bottle of the slightly more expensive Green & Wilds Salmon Oil, the average cost per serving is a little over £0.01p, not too shabby for all the health benefits your pets get in return!

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