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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Natural Ways to Keep Your Dogs Smelling Fresh - The Pets Larder A Natural Pet Shop

Natural Ways to Keep Your Dogs Smelling Fresh

When the spring and warmer weather come along but the rain is still pouring regularly, you might notice those returning smells that come into the house with a damp dog after a long walk. 

This really is one of the few drawbacks of dog ownership, as we can attest to here at The Pets Larder, as we are dog owners and lovers first and foremost!

Muddy and Wet Dog

The main problem with the smells that come from a damp dog is that many of the solutions come from harsh chemicals and ingredients that, we think, shouldn't be anywhere near you, your family or your dog. 

Thankfully there are more and more natural solutions to this age-old issue coming onto the market and at The Pets Larder we have some of the best of them on our shelves.

In this post, we will be exploring what we have on our shelves that will help to answer this problem alongside the best ways to eliminate that wet dog smell from occurring.

Eliminating the Wet Dog Smell

The smell that a dog gives off when it is damp is caused by bacteria that thrive in wet environments, this is also exacerbated by heat. So often the spring can be the worst time for this issue as your walks are often undertaken in the rain and the ambient temperatures outside are warm but not usually warm enough to completely dry the coat of your four-legged friend after a downpour. Fortunately, there are a number of things we can do at this time of year to make sure that the smell of a wet dog doesn't enter your home and bacteria that causes it is also a thing of the past.

It is worth noting before we get into our hints and tips to naturally keep your dog smelling fresh, that a persistent smell can be a sign of some underlying health problems, such as ear and skin infections, so if you are finding your dog's damp smell is not easing then a trip to the vet is probably worthwhile. 

Keeping Your Dog Dry

After any walk, shower, swimming session or contact with water you should always thoroughly dry your dog. An old towel (or even a hair dryer on a low setting) should be used to remove as much moisture as possible to negate the damp environment in which bacteria can thrive. Be sure to pay particular attention to your dog's ears, as moisture trapped in the ears can contribute to the wet dog smell. 

Regular Grooming

Particularly with long-haired breeds, brushing your dog regularly is important as it can help to remove dirt and debris that can also be a contributing factor in odours. It also helps to distribute natural oils and products, such as all-natural deodorising sprays and body mists, throughout their coat. Keeping your dog’s coat in good condition also reduces the chance of matting and knots which can also be a haven for bacteria. 

Dog Enjoying a Good Brush

Deodorising Shampoos

For a lot of dogs, a simple bath with one of the all-natural shampoos we have on our shelves and a good drying down afterwards can be enough to negate the foul smells that can build up. However, for some dogs, a little extra protection might be needed and that's where specially formulated deodorising shampoos come in, such as the amazing Hownd Yup You Stink Conditioning Shampoo. This amazing little product uses the naturally odour-neutralising properties of natural ingredients like eucalyptus and cedarwood to nullify the smells that can be rampant in the Spring. Thai clever product also contains wheat protein, oat kernel, argan oil and aloe vera leaf juice to make a PH-balanced formula that nourishes, conditions and cuts through grime to leave your dogs coat feeling gorgeous and smelling fresh, no matter what it went through on your last walk!

Doggy Deodorising Sprays and Body Mists

For an extra level of freshness you can also use after baths or between them, are the huge selection of all-natural deodorising sprays and body mists for dogs that are available. These handy sprays can help to get rid of unwanted smells and add a little extra olfactory deliciousness to the mix too. A deodorising spray or body mist is typically designed to help eliminate unpleasant odours on a dog's coat. These sprays contain ingredients that help to neutralise those nasty odour-causing bacteria and leave a lovely pleasant scent behind. 

Hownd Body Mist for Senior Dogs

It's important to note that deodorising sprays should be used as a supplement to regular baths and grooming, rather than as a substitute! Why not pick out a new scent for your four-legged friend today from the carefully curated range we have on our shelves here, at The Pets Larder? 

Perfumes & Scents for Dogs>

If Spring is bringing in some unwanted smells with your dog, why not try pimping up your routine with our tips and something superbly scented from our all-natural grooming products range?!

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