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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
The Benefits of Botanicals For Your Pet - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

The Benefits of Botanicals For Your Pet

The benefits of botanicals and herbs have been utilised by humans as medicaments and in grooming for centuries and the same can be said for their use in curing pet ailments and beautifying them too. Many modern medicines still have their basis in naturally occurring plants, examples include aspirin which is made from certain willow barks and some heart medicines which base their chemistry on that of the digitalis, more commonly known as foxglove.

At The Pets Larder we have a range of all natural treats, supplements and foods that use some of these magical plants and can help to keep your pets as healthy as can be. From Valerian, to keep those anxious dogs and cats calm, to fresh breath treats for your dogs that are loaded with peppermint and rosemary, using the best of what mother nature has to offer and keeping your pets diets wholesome and all natural is always at the heart of every product we stock. 

Botanicals And Herbal Medicines For Pets

Recorded history traces back the use of plants as remedies to the Middle East and one of the earliest known civilisations, Sumer. Over 5,000 years ago the Sumerians were compiling lists of plants and recording their properties and ever since people have employed the use of them in some aspect of their healthcare and still do, as It's estimated that over 25% of us in the UK still use herbal remedies in some aspect of our primary health care every year. It is also known that before the advent of modern veterinary practises around the 1930s all animal ailments would have been treated with herbs and other botanicals. At The Pets Larder we are dedicated to our all natural ethos and believe that many of these botanicals can be used alongside modern veterinary knowledge to help keep our pets thriving. 

dog in lavender

Botanicals And Bath Time 

The use of botanicals in grooming has also long been a part of our daily routines, from lavender based soaps to tropical shampoos we always seem to turn to the natural world when it comes to things in our bathroom cabinets. There is evidence to show that botanicals have been used to make us smell better since the 2nd millennium BC in ancient Mesopotamia where various plants and flowers were distilled and added to oils to create scents. With such a rich past  it's no wonder that there has also been a long history of using these natural wonders for beautifying our beloved pets too. At The Pets Larder, for example, we have products such as shampoos and perfumes made specifically for your pets that use only the very best of botanicals, allowing you to continue this rich tradition and keep your dog's lives as wholesome as possible in the process.

Our Favourite Botanical Based Pet Products This July

We've chosen a few of our favourite botanically brilliant products to give you a small taste of some of the myriad ways these magical plants can be used. 

Dorwest Scullcap And Valerian Calming Combo Pack 

This combination of two of our most popular herbal based anxiety remedies is perfect for those pets that need a calming influence during times of stress. Whether it's fireworks or travelling in a car these products work by reducing nerves without causing any drowsiness or sedation. These magical herbs are what is known as nervines which help to naturally relax the nervous system and allow your anxious pets to have a moment of calm. Approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate these marvellous herbal remedies contain all natural ingredients and have been successfully used for over 40 years to calm cats and pacify pooches. 


Forthglade Fresh Breath Treats For Dogs 

Packed with perfumed peppermint, radiant rosemary and perfect parsley with no added preservatives or colours these treats are a must for any hound with a smelly breath problem. These refreshing treats use wholesome ingredients and are completely grain free, meaning you can help rid your dogs mouth of those nasty odours with the best of botanicals whilst keeping their diet wholesome and all natural in the process.


Wildwash Perfumes

Made entirely of plants and botanicals, these pet fragrances are a perfect way to keep the smells at bay that linger on or around your pets. Made from 100% pure essential oils and produced right here in the UK these perfect perfumes are a treat for the nose as well as being soft enough to be used regularly. The Wildwash perfumes are available from The Pets Larder in three delicious scents, Ylang Ylang, which has a light zesty lemon aroma. Grapefruit, Bergamot and Ginger, which has a more spicy citrus scent, and Sweet Orange Coriander And Cedarwood which boasts a warm autumnal bouquet. Whichever you choose you can be assured of the best all natural ingredients and the most delectable of aromas. We also stock a range of Wildwash balms and shampoos which are equally brilliant and the perfect products to groom naturally with.


So, why not take advantage of the bountiful benefits these plants can provide and treat your pets to some of the best all natural botanical based super products around. From super scents to stress relieving supplements, we've got the finest of aids to your pets health and wellbeing that mother nature has to offer, at The Pets Larder.

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