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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
The Benefits Of Whitefish For Your Dog And Our Top Whitefish Products - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

The Benefits Of Whitefish For Your Dog And Our Top Whitefish Products

Are you looking for a food source for your pooch that is an easily digested protein source, full of essential fatty acids, packed full of vitamins, is all natural and can benefit your dog's eyes, skin, joints, teeth and immune health? It may seem impossible that just one ingredient could provide all of this but here at The Pets Larder we know there is, and it's one that is close to our hearts and our home here in Cornwall, the humble white fish. 

Fish is not always the first thing we think of feeding to our dogs as we usually associate our canine companions with eating meat, however the benefits of supplementing their current diet with fish based chews and treats can be massive.

Dog mid jump in stream

Benefits Of White Fish For Dogs

The first thing about fish that we are all probably familiar with is the presence of Omega-3 and Omega-6. These oils are not naturally found in a dog's digestive system and adding them as a supplement can help maintain joint and muscle health as these oils act as a natural anti-inflammatory. These oils alongside other naturally occurring fatty acids in fish can also help to maintain a healthy coat and skin, providing moisture and promoting shine. Not only this but there have been studies that show Omega’s 3 and 6 may help with a dogs brain function too, helping with memory and focus. 

White fish is also packed with a plethora of other vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to your dog's health. White fish is an excellent source of Iron which is essential in the production and maintenance of red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen around your dog's body. Zinc is another mineral present in white fish that aids the body with new cell production and digestion. Fish that are caught from the sea can also be a great way of getting iodine into your pooches body which is essential for good thyroid function and your dogs metabolic rate. Vitamin A also known as retinol is also present in large quantities in white fish and is massively beneficial to a dog's eyesight, helping to improve low-light vision and reduce the chance of age related degradation. 

In addition to all these brilliant benefits fish skins are also a great way to improve your dog's dental health as their rough texture helps to remove plaque and tartar build ups on your pups teeth. 

Dog and fisherman on riverbank

White Fish From The Pets Larder 

At The Pets Larder we are lucky enough to be situated just a stone's throw away from the sea and the bounty that is held within and we know how important it is to utilise the magic of fish in our dogs diets. So much so that we've created an amazing range of fish based products of our very own so your furry friend can access all the benefits of fish in an all natural, responsibly sourced and cost effective way. 

Mighty Fish Chew

Made with 100% fish skins and air dried to lock in flavour and nutrition the Mighty Fish Chew from The Pets Larder is a perfect way to get those fishy benefits into your best friend. If your dog had dental problems this chew is also a great natural toothbrush utilising the scales on the fish skins to exfoliate and clean off plaque and tartar.

Mighty Fish Chew

Cornish Fish Fingers 

As with all the chews and treats listed in here, the Natural Cornish Pet Cornish Fish Fingers are completely natural, grain free and suitable for dogs with allergies. These low fat, high protein treats are also air dried and lovingly made from sustainably sourced fish right here in the heart of Cornwall. The treats are also easily digestible allowing your dog’s digestive system a reduced workload compared with when being fed other meat based treats. They might not be Birds Eye but these Cornish Fish Fingers are a wholesome and delicious way to keep the myriad benefits of fish present in your dog’s diet.

Cornish Fish Fingers For Dogs

The Pets Larder  - Fish Boxes

If your dog loves a bit of variety in their diets or just wants to sample a range of the superb fish based treats we have to offer then a The Pets Larder fish box is the one for you. The Cornish Fish Treats Bundle contains some fabulous fish based treats, including our brilliant fish fingers, some delicious salmon and white fish cookies and a pack of our fab fish cubes and is a great gift for the goodest of dogs. All of our treat boxes are produced to the highest of standards, are (of course) all natural and packaged in sustainable and recyclable materials making our boxes not only great for your dog but good for the planet and your pocket too. 

Cornish Fish Selection Box for dogs by Natural Cornish Pet

With a plethora of benefits and a delicious flavour we think it's time to add some white fish into your dogs diet today and treat your dog to something from the wide range of wholesome, wallet friendly, fish based treats and chews to choose from at The Pets Larder.

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