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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
The Best Natural Dog Chews for Teeth - The Pets Larder A Natural Pet Shop

The Best Natural Dog Chews for Teeth

Keeping our dog's teeth clean is very important for several reasons. Firstly, dental disease is a common problem in dogs and can cause pain, discomfort, and even tooth loss. If left untreated, dental disease can also lead to more serious health issues such as infections, organ damage, and even heart disease.

Dogs with clean teeth are also less likely to suffer from bad breath, which is a common ailment in our canine companions and can also lead to other issues.

Regular maintenance of teeth can also prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, which are the main causes of tooth and gum disease in dogs. This can be done through regular brushing of their teeth or by providing them with regular dental chews that can help to clean their teeth and gums. 

Alongside regular brushing of a dog’s teeth, which some vets recommend up to three times a week, regular natural dental chews are a fun, delicious and nutritious way to keep your dog’s dental health in check.

So in today’s post, we thought we’d round up some of the best-sellers and firm favourites in our all-natural dog chew range, so you can treat your dog with a tasty treat and help the health of their gums and teeth at the same time.

A Few of Our Best Selling Dental Chews

Dental chews come in all shapes and sizes and are appropriate for all types of dogs. Whether they be aggressive chews with powerful jaws, dogs who like to get a bit of extra nutrition from their chew or ones that love to abate their anxiety with a good old chewing session, we've got a range that will satisfy almost any need.

Chews and Treats at Natural Cornish Pet

Lily’s Kitchen - Woofbrush Dental Chews

With a unique bubbly texture and an all-natural recipe, these delicious dental chews, from Lily’s Kitchen, are perfect for getting into those hard-to-reach places whilst being tasty enough to be a treat! With natural ingredients known for their cleaning properties such as parsley, fennel and coconut oil and a flavour that dogs seem to love, these chews are certainly a great way to keep your dog's dental hygiene in check.

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The Pets Larder - Coffee Wood Chews for Dogs

A fairly new product in the The Pets Larder range but already a firm favourite, our coffee wood chews are a delightfully durable way to keep your dog chewing and their teeth in the best condition. They are 100% natural and contain absolutely no calories making them a great option for dogs who might be watching their weight as well as keeping their teeth sparkling and gums healthy.

Natural Cornish Pet - Coffee Wood Chew

Our Vibrant Vegetarian Dental Chews for Dogs 

At The Pets Larder we have developed a huge range of delicious veggie dental chews that are made with the finest vegetables, fruits and nuts. They come in a veritable plethora of shapes, sizes and flavours and are great for the environment, as they reduce your dog's daily meat intake, as well as keeping your four-legged friend’s dental health in great shape. From Vegetable Antlers stuffed full of peanut butter and Apple Dental Sticks to Strawberry & Banana DolphinsCarrot & Pumpkin Lobsters and Blueberry Clover Chews, we have got all the bases covered when it comes to sustainable and delicious chews that are great for your dog’s teeth and gums. And if you just can’t make a decision on which superb shape or flavour your dog might prefer, get yourself a The Pets Larder Vegetable Chew Variety Box, which is stuffed with over 20 chews in eight exciting varieties, enough to make any dog ecstatic for their next chew time!

Natural Cornish Pet Vegetable Chew Variety Box

Soopa - Doggy Dental Sticks

One of our favourite brands to work with is the superb Soopa. They have an amazing range of dog chews that are vegetarian, great for teeth and amazingly moreish. They also come in ten different varieties, that range from Cranberry & Sweet Potato to Kale and Apple and Banana & Pumpkin for Puppies and loads in between, so there will be sure to be something in the Soopa dental chew selection that will tempt your dog, no matter how fussy they might be! They are also another great way to reduce the meat intake of your dogs, making for a more sustainable chew time, which we should all be mindful of with the current state of the climate crisis. 

Making our dog’s dental health a priority is super important to avoid more serious health problems that can be caused by plaque, tartar and gum disease. And with the resplendent range of chews, we have here, at The Pets Larder, adding a dental chew that is great for their teeth to their daily routine and aiding their dental health every single day has never been easier.

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