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UK Dog Walking Guide: North West England - Scenery in North West England - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

UK Dog Walking Guide: North West England

In this post, we will be continuing our exploration of the British mainland with a look at some of the truly delightful dog walks the North West has to offer. 

The counties that we will be shining our dog-centric light upon in this post are; Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside. We’ll be showing you our top picks for places to take a long walk with your canine companions in these gorgeous counties, so you can enjoy the best of the dog-friendly North West with ease.

The North West is home to the biggest National Park in England in the form of the Lake District, in Cumbria, as well as parts of the Peak District being in Cheshire and Greater Manchester. With so many breathtaking options for a brisk walk with your dogs, it has been quite a struggle to choose just one option for each of these counties.

Many of us, here at The Pets Larder, love to take a break here in the UK and between us have been lucky enough to have visited a lot of the places featured on this list. We are not, however, experts in this area of the country and would love to hear about your favourite walks, so next time we find ourselves in the beautiful North West, we’ll know about all of the hidden gems that have passed us by previously. And when you next visit Cornwall, we’ll be more than happy to point you towards our favourite super-secret dog-friendly spots in return! 


Delamere Forest is the largest woodland area in Cheshire. Delamere means “forest of the lakes” and is home to some fabulous lakes, a rare quaking bog and a fernland habitat that has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, so you and your dogs will be surrounded by some of the most diverse nature in the area if you decide to take your walk here. Delamere is serviced by its very own train station and is looked after by Forestry England, so you can be sure of an easy route there and a stunning woodland to explore, once you arrive. 

Dog Walks in North West UK

Greater Manchester

Heaton Park is located in the Centre of Manchester and is perfect for you and your dogs if you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Owned by the Manchester City Council since 1902, and renovated as part of the millennium project, Heaton Park is not just a walk. It boasts a golf course, boating lake, an animal farm, woodlands, ornamental gardens, an observatory and historical monuments, to name but a few! Plenty for you, your family and your dogs to see, smell and hear on a brisk walk in this city centre spectacle.

Find All There is to Know About Heaton Park Here>


Cumbria is home to one of Britains best-loved Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the incomparable Lake District. This superbly scenic area of the North West became a National Park in 1951 and has been a favourite for walkers, poets, artists and tourists ever since. To pick one walk in the Lake District would be like picking your favourite dog, as there really are so many breathtaking options to choose from. Below is a link to Canine Cottages “Best walks with a view in the Lake District”, so you can see what riches are available to you and your dogs in this awe-inspiring area.  

Dog Walking Cumbria Lake District


Located south of the city of Liverpool, Otterspool Park is a dream for anyone who loves a riverside ramble. With gorgeous views over the River Mersey (on a clear day, you can see the Welsh Hills) this promenade and adjacent park and woodland are the ideal places to give your dogs an escape from the greys of the city, and an adventure into the blues and greens that Mother Nature has to offer.

Discover More About Otterspool Park Here>


Pendle Hill in east Lancashire is most famous for its connection to the notorious witch trials of 1612. Thankfully today the activities on Pendle Hill are a little more wholesome which makes it the perfect Lancastrian Location for a ramble with your favourite furry friends. From the top of Pendle Hill, there are breathtaking 360-degree views and you can see as far as Blackpool Tower on a good day. With its mysterious history, gorgeous scenery and a healthy dose of breathtaking views, Pendle Hill is a truly bewitching piece of the North West.

Dog Walking Lancashire North West UK

So, next time you find yourself in the beautiful North West of England, get yourself to one of these perfect places for an amble with your dogs. And treat yourselves to a delightful day of exploration, adventure and entirely enjoyable exercise.

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