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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
What is a Natural Pet Shop? The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

What is a Natural Pet Shop?

Since opening three years ago, many of our customers have asked what sets our business apart from other pet retailers on the market. Well, what’s unique about our small, independent shop is more than just what lies upon our shelves. 

The vision of The Pets Larder has always been the same: to give our customers the chance to invest in products that are wholesome, healthy and above everything - all natural. Believing in every single stockist and what they sell, we have become advocates for products that are nothing but beneficial to their bodies and brains. Supporting strategies to improve not just pet’s wellbeing but the earth in which we all live on too. Our brand is more than just a pet shop, it is a business that believes in change. 


Natural Cornish Per Shop natural treats

Pawfect Products

When it comes to our shop, there really is no better proof of our ethos than every single one of the products we sell. From meat based chews to eco-friendly poop bags, our brilliant brands showcase just how beneficial better quality products can be for us, our planet and our pets.

As we grow more and more conscious about what we put into our own bodies, the same can also be done for our pets. We all know that fuelling our bodies with cheap, overly manufactured and processed ingredients can lead to problems with our skin, digestion and even overall health and wellbeing. Also, with a rise in intolerances and allergies over the recent years in our canine companions, many of us are switching to grain-free diets to help eradicate problems with troublesome tummies and scratchy skin. 

Here at The Pets Larder, we believe the benefits of a grain-free diet are worth more than their weight in gold so our shelves are stocked with a range of grain-free food and treats that will suit even the most allergic of pets. Packed with the finest ingredients and free from grain nastiness, brands such as Aflora, Canagan and Symply are some of the most healthy, wholesome and delicious foods on the market. 

Aflora dry dog food


Incredible Ingredients

We couldn’t claim our shop’s name if it wasn’t for the ingredients in our range of food and treats. Being a Natural Pet Shop, our products are exactly what they say on the tin. Natural and nothing more. With some of the more popular brands that have dominated the pet food market for years coming under fire for their use of unhealthy ingredients and methods in producing some of the more popular pet food and treats, shops like ours have gone above and beyond to ensure the quality and nutrition in each and every single one of our products. 

As natural carnivores, we understand how much our furry friends love to munch on meat. Using only naturally sourced proteins (we hate the use of meat derivatives and flavourings) our food and treats are packed with nothing more than the meat that is on the label. Sourced sustainably from British farms, only the finest quality meat is found in brands such as Canagan, Lily’s Kitchen and Aflora as they believe when it comes to incredible ingredients: there’s no place like home. 

Following that same belief and mantra, as a Cornish based brand, our very own range of fish based treats are made right here in West Cornwall and filled with nothing more than fish caught in British waters. Sourced sustainably our cod, salmon and red skin fish based products are 100% natural and 100% beneficial to your four-legged friends. 

Dried spratts Natural Cornish Pet Shop

Eco-Friendly Ethos

Surrounded by beautiful beaches and gorgeous greenery, our shop is based in what we think is one of the most picturesque parts of the UK. Cornwall has forever been considered an idyllic location and protecting its magnificence is a job many in the community pride themselves in doing. With the ocean at our doorstep, we really do see the importance of keeping our planet as pawfect as it possibly can be. 

Here at The Pets Larder, we believe in much more than just selling a few dog chews to make a difference. Dedicated to ensuring a reduction in single use plastics, investing in products that are eco-friendly and sourcing our ingredients in sustainable manners, our ethos is one we are more than proud of. 

We understand the frustration of products that are packaged in ridiculous ways so when you come to purchase many of our natural treats for your four-legged friend, you will find them in their own skin right in the centre of our store. From pigs ears to peanut butter based chews, we encourage the use of bringing your own bags and provide bags that are great for the environment. Waving goodbye to plastic bags and plastic wrapping, our treats really do showcase just how god they are - for your dog and for the planet. 


With an array of amazing products and a team dedicated to making a change, no matter how small, our shop is more than just a pet store - it’s a shop with a difference.

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