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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
The Best Food for Small Dog Breeds - Small Breed Pomeranian sitting on a Wooden Table

The Best Food for Small Dog Breeds

If you are one of those dog owners who believe that the best things come in small packages and have a soft spot for the smaller dog breeds, you’ll know that sometimes it can be hard to choose treats, chews and foods that are suitable for the more dainty of dogs. 

Smaller dogs generally have a set of different needs, in comparison to their larger brethren, when it comes to what they eat and as such, it is important to provide your petite pooch with the appropriate foods and chews. Giving your dogs a well balanced and healthy diet is the single most important thing you can do to prevent any health problems in the future and it’s always important to choose foods that are appropriate to the breeds you have as a part of your family. 

In today's post, we will be highlighting some of the intricacies of smaller breeds’ nutritional needs as well as pointing you towards some of the best all-natural foods, chews and treats we have for our more compact canine companions. 

Small Breed Dog With Natural Treats

Small Breed Food Needs

The most noticeable difference between small breeds foods and ones for their larger cousins is simply the size. Smaller breeds have smaller mouths and weaker jaws and, as such, need to have kibble that is made specifically for their minute muzzles.

Smaller breeds also need more calorie-rich foods, as their faster metabolisms burn calories at a quicker rate than most of our canine companions.  It’s important that their foods are calorie-rich and made specifically for small breeds, rather than feeding larger quantities of regular food as this can cause problems with digestion, (larger dogs tend to eat less nutritionally dense foods but in larger quantities in order to fill them up). Smaller stomachs generally require to be fed small meals three to four times a day in order to maintain energy and avoid any tummy problems.

Small breed dogs can also be more susceptible to gastrointestinal problems and dental issues and, as such, the small breed foods and chews are made with this in mind giving you peace of mind in every bowlful. It is also worth keeping this in mind when shopping for your small breeds, making sure to stock up on dental chews and all-natural foods to ensure they live a happy and healthy life for as long as possible. 

Our Favourite Small Dog Breed Specific Products

At Natural Cornish Pet we are committed to providing the best possible products for all dogs, no matter their shape or size. When it comes to smaller breeds we have a veritable plethora of options for smaller mouths and more sensitive stomachs and in this article, we have chosen a few of our favourites so you can treat your petit pooches to some delicious tidbits specially selected by the experts at Natural Cornish Pet.

Specialist Small Breeds Foods

Here at our headquarters in Hayle, Cornwall, our shelves are heaving with the very best all-natural foods for all breeds of dog. Our specialist small breeds kibbles are formulated to give your diminutive dogs food that meets all of their nutritional and energy needs. Our most popular small breed kibbles are made by the brilliant brains at Canagan and are available in four delicious varieties including one specifically for those tiny dogs with dental issues, Canagan Small Breed Dental for Dogs. All of Canagan’s small breed kibbles have a biologically appropriate ratio of proteins to vegetables, are completely grain-free and are made with fresh produce that is sourced from the fabulous fields of Britain. 

Canagan Food for Small Dog Breeds

Vegetable & Peanut Butter Dental Twists

Although these delicious dental chews aren't made specifically for small dogs, they are delightful dainty and are perfect for maintaining a healthy set of gnashers. These all-natural chews are festooned with fabulous ridges that massage the gums and get into all those hard to reach places in and around the teeth, helping to avoid those common dental problems the smaller breeds are prone to. These chews are also vegetarian, making them a planet-friendly choice as well as a deliciously nutritious treat for your dogs. 

Vegetable Chews for Small Dog Breeds
Pick Up your Vegetable & Peanut Butter Dental Twists Here>

Green & Wilds - Easy Antlers

Owners of small breed dogs will often find that many of the chews and bones available on the market are completely unsuitable for the smaller and weaker jaws of your petite pooches. Thankfully, more and more producers are making products specifically for your miniature mutts, such as the fantastic Easy Antlers from Green & Wilds. These sustainable chews are made from real deer antlers that have been naturally shed by deer in the Scottish highlands. What makes the Easy Antlers extra special, is that they are hand cut lengthways to expose the soft marrow inside, making them an easily chewed chew and perfect for puppies and those dogs with weaker jaws. 

Green & Wilds Easy Antler Chews for Small Dogs

So if you have the pleasure of owning a petit pooch, make sure you are getting the right stuff into them with small breed-specific foods, chews and treats from the dog experts at The Pets Larder.

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