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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Amazing Aflora Dog Foods at The Pets Larder - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Amazing Aflora Dog Foods at The Pets Larder

As many of you may know we started The Pets Larder after years of looking after a variety of dogs at Doggy Day Care Cornwall. Whilst running this business in the early years we noticed the lack of good quality all natural dog foods, chews and treats that were available for our own dogs and the ones we were looking after and that's when we founded our shop in St Erth, West Cornwall and we haven't looked back since. At The Pets Larder we are constantly looking for the most innovative ways to get more pets, across the country eating and chewing on the finest products and ones that are made with the best quality ingredients and cooking methods around. With all of this in mind we started our very own dog food brand, the Aflora Grain Free.

The ethos behind Aflora has always been the same, to produce a range of dry dog foods that are all natural, loaded with meaty goodness and are completely grain free as well as being affordable and accessible to dogs of all shapes, sizes and budgets. Aflora is named after The Pets Larder's former superstar, Flora the airedale. Sadly Flora passed on last year but her memory still lives on strong in all of our Aflora flavours as each one is named after one of her favourite walks in Cornwall. Flora is also the inspiration for the logo which is a fitting testament to this crucial member of the Aflora team.

Flora - Founder of the UKs Favourite Natural Pet Store.

Delightful Grain Free Dry Food for Your Dog

When we decided to launch our very own range of dry foods we knew that making a product with a high meat content and the freshest of ingredients that would provide the best nutrition for your dogs was the priority. We also decided that grain-free recipes were also a necessity as more and more of us were learning the benefits of using alternatives such as sweet potato and peas in our dogs' diets. These wonderful grain-free alternatives also add to the nutritional benefits of all of our amazing Aflora varieties. Ingredients such as sweet potato add a whole host of nutritional benefits to Aflora, such as reducing inflammation and helping with maintenance of a healthy central nervous system and cognitive functions.

Find Out More About Super Sweet Potato for Dogs

As with all the wonderful products on our shelves at The Pets Larder all of the wonderful Aflora foods are made with the very best that mother nature has to offer your hounds and have absolutely no added artificial preservatives, colourings or flavours. We simply mix top quality protein sources combined with powerful plants which leads to a vitamin and mineral rich, super nutritious everyday food for our canine companions.

Aflora Grain Free at The Pets Larder

We have 8 deliciously different varieties of our wonderful Aflora dry food available at The Pets Larder and they are all named after some of our favourite Cornish dog walks. With options from perfect puppy food to a specialist seniors recipe we've got an Aflora that will be ideal for your furry friend. Most of our Aflora options are also available as handy 2kg ‘try me’ bags so you can give your dog a taste of the magic before you switch them over for good.

Aflora - Founder of the UKs Favourite Natural Pet Store.

Aflora Gylly

Named after the gorgeous Gyllyngvase headland on the stunning south coast of Cornwall, Aflora Gylly is based around the ingredients of venison, salmon and mulberry to make a nutritionally balanced and naturally gentle dry food. Hypoallergenic and grain free, this food, as with all of the Aflora range, is perfect for those dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. Made with venison which is naturally rich in amino acids and salmon which is a good source of omega-3, as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals provided by the all natural recipe, this delicious dry food is nutritionally balanced, tremendously tasty and great for every meal of the week.

Aflora Gylly - Best And Most Affordable Natural Dry Dog Food.

Aflora Star Gazey Puppy

This quality Cornish style recipe uses all the benefits of the fabulous fish that Cornwall is famous for. Named after the traditional Cornish stargazy pie that hails from Mousehole, this mix of sensational seafood is engineered to be perfect for your puppies. This wonderful recipe is based around salmon, blue whiting and haddock which aids in the growth of cartilage, the maintenance of healthy joints and helps keep your dog’s skin and coat as healthy as can be. 

Aflora Puppy - Most Affordable Natural Dry Dog Food.

Aflora Penrose

When your dog is moving gracefully into their senior years they need a little added love and nutrition added into their meals and Alfora Penrose Turkey provides this in spades. With added cranberry for its high volumes of vitamins C, E and K which all help with the upkeep of an older dogs health and well-being as well as added joint care to support your dogs cartilage and keep their movement pain free and smooth makes Aflora Penrose the best option for your golden oldie. 

Aflora Penrose - Most Affordable Natural Dry Dog Food.

With all natural, wholesome, nutritionally balanced recipes and an ethos to match, Alfora is an amazing option as a dry food for your dogs. With a great range of options suitable for all of your furry friends we think it's time your dog tried Aflora and saw the benefits of these amazingly affordable and deliciously nutritious dog food every day.

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