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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Canagan Grain Free Wet Food for Dogs - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Canagan Wet Food for Dogs at The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

There has been debate amongst dog owners since pet foods were first manufactured, as to whether wet or dry food is better for our canine companions' health. Dry foods can help to keep gums and teeth healthy and encourages mastication which promotes healthy digestion, wet foods on the other hand can be more appetising for dogs and can be easier to garner nutrients from. The truth is, it’s best to give your dog a varied diet of good quality foods that use natural ingredients and are developed with your dog's nutritional needs at the core of the manufacturer's ethos. 

When it comes to choosing wet food for your dogs, it's important to choose wisely as there are a lot of substandard products available on high street shelves. Of course you can be sure when shopping at Natural Cornish Pet you will see only the very best all natural producers on our shelves and today we would like to highlight one of the best wet food producers around, Canagan. 

Canagan Wet Food For Dogs


An industry leader since their introduction to the market in 2012, Canagan is one of the top producers of grain free, all natural pet foods, here in the UK. The brains behind this wonderful brand make their foods to replicate the ancestral diet of your dogs, combining meat or fish with a selection of vibrant veggies and bountiful botanicals to produce a food that feeds them in a completely wholesome and naturally appropriate way. The recipes from Canagan are formulated by pet nutritionists and are made using the correct ratio of nutritious animal ingredients alongside natural plant based elements to make biologically appropriate and ancestrally accurate foods for your fabulous furry friends. 

The ethos at Canagan is “if it isn't good enough for humans it isn't good enough for our pets” and that means top quality produce alongside recipes that are also free from artificial flavour colourings and additives. All the wonderful wet foods we have from Canagan at Natural Cornish Pet are also grain free making for a food that is easier to digest and appropriate for those animals who have problems with grain allergies and intolerances.

One of our favourite things about Canagan, aside from their fabulous foods, is their support of independent pet food retailers here in the UK. Canagan cannot be found on supermarket shelves and is only found in local independent retailers, like us here at Natural Cornish Pet. The founder of Canagan Eddie Milbourne has a background as a shopkeeper and believes that “Local Pet stores have a level of knowledge, care and service that cannot be matched elsewhere”, and at Natural Cornish Pet we can't agree thoroughly enough. 

So, with foods that are ancestry accurate, biologically appropriate and free from anything that isn't found in nature, you can't go wrong with the selection of wet foods on offer from the amazing Canagan. 

Canagan Wet Food for Dogs at Natural Cornish Pet

Natural Cornish Pet was formed to provide the pets of Cornwall and beyond with the very best of all natural foods, treats and chews and we love to work with companies that share our ethos. 

With its process of making nutritionally complete foods using only the very best ingredients that can be found, it's no wonder that you can find plenty of Canagan products on our shelves. When it comes to wet foods it's important to choose one that has your pet’s best interests at heart and ones that you can trust in its contents, and Canagan ticks both of these boxes with aplomb. Another great advantage of feeding wet foods is that all of the packaging is completely recyclable, making for a more planet friendly meal.

Canagan Senior Feast Wet Dog Food

Like all of Canagan's resplendent recipes, their Senior Feast is made to mimic an ancestral diet, is grain free and free from any additives and non natural ingredients. This recipe is specifically formulated to support dogs in their golden years and is made with added botanicals to support joint health and help to prevent the signs of ageing. 

Canagan Wet Dog Food for Seniors

Canagan Puppy Feast Wet Dog Food

The experts at Canagan have also devised a delicious recipe for dogs at the beginning of their lives. Crafted with your puppies' digestion at heart and using their top quality human grade ingredients, Canagan’s Puppy Feast is perfect for an all natural puppy dinner. 

Canagan Wet Dog Food for Puppies

Best Of the Rest - Canagan Wet Foods

For the average dog Canagan's wet food options are varied, packed full of nutrients and developed with your pet’s health at the forefront of their ethos. With ten fabulous flavours to choose from we know there'll be a Canagan wet food that your canine companions will love. Offering mouthwatering recipes ranging from Lamb Casserole to Chicken Hotpot and Shepards Pie to Venison & Wild Boar and a lot in between, Canagan has got a wet food for your dog, however fussy they might be. For the dog who loves a little bit of everything we have a superb selection in our variety pack which shows off seven of the fabulous Canagan wet food flavours. 

Canagan all natural wet dog food

When it comes to dog food on the shelves at Natural Cornish Pet, only the best will do. Canagan are industry leaders when it comes to pet food production and we love their all natural, nutritionally complete ethos when it comes to their recipes. So, when it comes to choosing a wet dog food for your favourite furry friends, why not give Canagan a go and watch the delight in your dog's eyes at every mealtime.

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