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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Community Projects and Cornwall - Cornish Community Garden - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Community Projects and Cornwall

At The Pets Larder, we love to do things that are not only good for our customers but that benefit our community too. 

Community projects are an essential part of a society that has selflessness, environment and community at its heart, as well as being a great way for us all to give back where we can.

In today's post, we will be sharing what some of The Pets Larder family have been up to in their communities, what community projects are and how you can get your own community projects started where you live.

What are community projects?

The term ‘community project’ is applied to any project that has the best interests of a community at the heart of its ethos. These projects can include a wide variety of interests including; environmental, social, welfare and charitable. Good examples of community projects that may be familiar to us include; food banks, Christmas dinners for the vulnerable, community maintenance of green spaces and other ecological interests like bird-feeding and habitat creation.

Most community projects are enacted by a group of individuals who are motivated to improve their local areas and are willing to respond to the challenges involved to build a better life for the whole community in question.

Community projects can be any size and come in many forms, food bank organisations like The Trestle Trust are nationwide and help out tens of thousands of people every year. Conversely, starting a small recycling collection in your village or street, or organising a coffee morning to support the local air ambulance service, is equally important for the betterment of your local area and, in the long run, society as a whole. 

We think getting involved in projects like these is massively important in today's socio-economic climate as the importance of saving our environment becomes of paramount importance and the cost of living becomes untenable for many people in our communities and beyond, not to mention the state of politics worldwide. Education, community and selfless acts are needed more now than perhaps they ever have been, so why not start to support a local community project or even start your very own.

Community Projects in Cornwall and Beyond

In Cornwall, there are many great community projects being enacted all over the county. We have picked some of our favourite causes and some that are particularly close to our hearts in the list below.

Falmouth Food Co-Op

Falmouth Food Co-Op started as a Food Hub that aimed to make good quality, non-industrialised farmed food available to as many people as possible. It has grown into a huge food co-operative, a community kitchen and has started a new project, Loveland, which is a community field for growing food collectively and organically. The Falmouth Food Co-Op describes its vision as “Creating a collective appetite for change. Imaging a joyful future and empowering people to make it happen”.

Falmouth Food Co Op Community Project Cornwall

St Genny’s Community Bug Boxes and Bird Tables

Some of The Pets Larder Family have been getting involved in community projects in their local areas and this bird table and bug box project is just adorable. They have designed and built a community bird feeding station, various bug boxes and a beautifully designed information board, encouraging kids to get involved in looking after nature as well as providing food and homes for a plethora of local wildlife. 

Bug Hotels and Bird House Community Project

Beach Cleans 

There are many beach cleaning projects all across the country and getting involved can be as simple as picking up any litter you might see on your beach strolls with the dogs. Get on Google to find your local beach clean and do your bit every time your dog wants a walk on the sand. 

Beach Cleaning Community Project

Animal Food For Warzones

Recently we have been involved in supporting a pet care superstar in the form of Kate Geernaert at The Dog Groomery in Somerset. This wonderful person took it upon herself to make collections of pet food and supplies for the animals affected by Russia's disgraceful actions in Ukraine. Not content with just doing a collection she also delivered the goods to the Ukraine Border herself! 

Kate Geernaert with a dog at the Ukrainian Border

Starting Your Own Community Projects

As you can see, community projects take many forms and anything we can do for the good of the planet, people and their pets will never be time or resources wasted. 

If you're looking to give back to your own community, or a community that you feel is in need further afield, why not try starting your own community project. 

Below, we’ve gathered a small, but not exhaustive, list of easily enacted projects you might want to try wherever you are.

  • Local recycling collections of packaging not recycled in your regular bin collections, such as Tetra Pak or medicine blister packs 
  • Collecting food and household items for a food bank
  • Charity events, such as coffee mornings or bake sales
  • Collecting old towels and blankets, food for a local animal shelter/RSPCA branch
  • Starting a group to help out or give company to elderly people
  • Starting a community garden 
  • Car shares, organising lifts to school/work for multiple local people reducing carbon emissions

These are just a few really simple ideas but there are so many things we can do to help our planet, our fellow human beings and all the wonderful animals we are blessed to be around. Any project, no matter how small, leads to a happier and healthier community and if we all try to do our little bit, we can douse the world in positivity and build a better world together.

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