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Camping With Your Canine Companions

As the weather starts to warm up, the evenings lengthen and the sun is appearing with more frequency, the thought of the summer and some time away from home begins to creep into our minds. 

Over the last few years, we have all been limited to taking our holidays here in the UK due to the Covid Pandemic, meaning more and more of us have been looking for ways to explore the British countryside when we have some time off. Taking holidays at home can be massively beneficial for many reasons including; reducing our impact on the planet, being frugal during a time when costs for everyone are skyrocketing and, last but by no means least, the ease with which we can take our canine companions along for the trip. 

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of seeing as much of the UK as you can in your free time is by packing up the tents and sleeping bags and getting out for a good old camping trip.

In today’s post, we will be giving you the lowdown on preparation for camping with your dogs, alongside some of our best outdoor holiday hints and tips.

Preparing for Your Canine Accompanied Camping Trip

The most important part of any trip is proper preparation and this is no less important when talking your dog away camping. 

Food, Water and Treats

Keeping your dog fed and watered properly is always a priority and making sure you have enough food and fresh water when taking your dog away is always high on the list of things to remember. High-quality dog food and treats are not often easy to find in supermarkets or local shops so taking enough of your dog's preferred brands away with you is always the best plan. Why not get some extra special treats for your holiday, and give your dog some new tastes to enjoy on your trip. 

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Water is usually available at most campsites, however, it is always worth taking a supply with you for travelling and in case of emergencies. Why not take along your dog's favourite bowl too so they feel at home when they are being fed and watered. 

Leads, Collars and Identification 

Leads and collars are always important when taking your dog into unfamiliar territory, many campsites are located near animals and potential hazards like cliffs and rivers, and keeping control of your dogs is very important. Your dog should also be easily identified when going away in case they get lost or bolt. Make sure your dogs are chipped (this is law anyway), and have up to date information on their collar tags, some people even add the details of the campsite they are staying on for extra protection. If you are particularly worried, GPS collar trackers are also available. Taking a current photo of your dog can also be helpful if a search becomes necessary.

Toys and Teddies

Taking away a supply of toys to keep your dog content is always a handy tool when camping. Toys and teddies can keep your dog occupied and away from hazards such as barbecues, as well as being a little taste of home if any anxiety is creeping in. Puzzle toys are a great way of keeping your dogs occupied and are a handy way of treating your dog without overfeeding too, perfect for a camping trip.

Dog toys to take camping

Towels, Blankets and Bedding

Camping in Britain is often interrupted by rain and as such keeping a store of dog-only towels can save you a lot of hassle! Keeping your dogs dry is also very important to avoid bacterial and yeast infections. Blankets are also often necessary for a tent or caravans, as they often have flooring that is not suitable for animals that could cause injury to your dog or damage to your camping equipment. 

Your dog’s bedding is another little piece of home you can take with you so your dog has a familiar place to sleep, reducing stress at bedtime and ensuring a well-rested hound.

Dog Poo Bags

As we said above, camping can get messy and, as such, it is very helpful to have a quick and easy way to clean up after an outing. Poo bags are also another camping essential and we always think it’s handy to have a dispenser when going on adventures so you've got a good supply to hand at all times! Our range of Earth Rated poo bags and dispensers is perfect for all the occasions you are in need, whether you are on your travels or not.

Camping With Your Canine Companions

So, if you're thinking of extricating the tents and sleeping bags from the attic or are in the process of giving your caravan a spring clean in order to plan your next camping escapade accompanied by your dogs, take a look through our list of proper preparations so your holiday goes without hitch.

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