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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Delightful Dog Beds From Danish Designs & FatFace - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Delightful Dog Beds From Danish Designs & FatFace

When it comes to a bed for your dog, comfort and style are often top of the checklist but in an age where sustainability and the environment are fast becoming a priority on any shopping list, eco-friendly pet products are also vitally important. At The Pets Larder we love to give your dog the very best of everything whilst keeping their carbon pawprint to a minimum and with our new range of dog beds from Danish Design and FatFace they can have the best of both worlds. This new collaboration from FatFace and Danish Design features a range of brilliant beds that are not only super comfortable and effortlessly stylish but have a positive impact on the environment too. The whole collection uses recycled fibres made from plastic bottles and features some stunning FatFace designs, making them a must for any dog that is stylish and living a sustainable life. 

Danish Design Dog Beds 

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, Danish Design has been making pet’s bedtime beautifully restful for over 30 years. Their designs are made to provide the very best in comfort, style, functionality and sustainability for your dog. They state on their site that “excellence comes as standard” in all of their products and, with the pleasure of having some of their beautiful beds in store at Natural Cornish Pet, we can certainly attest to that. The best thing for us about Daish Design is their dedication to the cause of sustainability. With a long standing position of recycling over 90% of their waste and with all of their beds now using recycled fibres in their manufacture, stopping an estimated 8 million plastic bottles from being sent to landfill, Danish Design is really ahead of the competition when it comes to reducing our carbon paw prints. 


As a clothing and lifestyle brand FatFace has been around since 1988 when the two founders decided to sell t-shirts and sweaters to fund their French skiing adventures. In the last 20 plus years this brand has grown from strength to strength with over 200 stores and a huge online retail presence. Not only do FatFace produce super stylish designs they are also committed to sustainability having reduced their carbon footprint by over 8% and increasing their recycling by over 45% in the last two years alone. They have also reduced their waste by switching to more environmentally friendly; packaging for online orders and bag options in store. Not only this but FatFace also sources all of their cotton through the BCI or Better Cotton Initiative, which is an organisation that helps farmers reduce the impact of growing cotton on the environment, as well as supporting better living conditions for those who produce these magical threads. 

Danish Design & FatFace Dog Beds

We love a company with an ethos that supports the environment whilst producing top quality products and designs, so we were super happy to hear of this super cool collaboration between Danish Design and FatFace and couldn't wait to have some of their gorgeous beds on our shelves. All of the delightful designs available at The Pets Larder are made with a 100% recycled fibre filling and organic cotton that is sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative.

Danish Design FatFace Geo Bees - Deluxe Duvet

This design is inspired by the beautiful British bee and uses a mesmerising geometric pattern alongside vibrant yellow accents to make this a stylish addition to any home. This deluxe duvet is available in two different sizes and is filled with 100% recycled fibres so your dog can reduce their carbon paw print whilst relaxing in style.

Danish Designs Fat Face Geo Bees Bed

Danish Design FatFace Fleece Check - Deep Duvet

This classic checkered design is a bounty of beautiful blues accented with a hint of mustard, all printed on 100% BCI approved brushed cotton. These warm and snuggly deep duvets are available in two sizes and are filled with recycled bottle fibres. The Deep Duvet also has the extra feature of a grey Sherpa fleece which is hand knitted here in the UK with the same recycled fibres used in the filling. 

Danish Design FatFace Fleece Check - Deluxe Slumber Bed

These luxurious beds use the same classic checkered design as the deep duvets above but are made in a more classical dog-bed shape. Each one of these brilliant beds saves approximately 70 plastic bottles from finding their way into our environment. They are deep, soft and use only the best brushed cotton alongside high quality recycled materials in their manufacture. Available in five different sizes and featuring lots of snuggly Sherpa fleecing, these beds can provide a restful, comfortable sleep for almost any dog.

When it comes to maximum snuggles, top level sustainability and brilliantly beautiful bed designs, the Danish Design and FatFace collaboration has got some of the best. At The Pets Larder we love everything that can help our environment and benefit our animals at the same time and with these beds being super stylish too, we know they'll be flying off the shelves in no time.

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