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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
The Best Stocking Fillers For Dogs - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Sensational Stocking Fillers For Dogs

Our dogs are like one of the family and if there’s a time of the year that’s perfect for showing how much you love all of your family members regardless of the number of legs, it’s Christmas. 

Like many of you, we always like to treat our four-legged friends to some extra treats and tantalising chews at this time of year. It’s only fair that they get a taste of the festive cheer we all feel around Christmas time, especially given the year we have all been subject to. Our pets have given us the companionship and unwavering loyalty many of us have needed throughout the coronavirus pandemic and we think Christmas is the perfect time to give back.

We’ve already given you a lowdown of our favourite gifts this season, in a previous post, but sometimes we need some smaller treats to top up the stockings we fill for our pets, so, we’ve chosen some of our little luxuries so you can give your dog a fabulous stocking full of festive cheer. These little presents are also perfect for the dog who loves a bit of everything in their treat selection, as you could make up a gift from our pick and mix range that would be made up of a superb selection of the best all-natural treats and chews around.

Christmas Stockings: A Brief History

Although there are no definitive written records of where the Christmas stocking comes from, the tale of its origin has been told for centuries. The story is based on an incident in the life of the legendary Saint Nicholas. It is said that Saint Nicholas had heard of a man who had fallen on bad times and couldn’t afford the customary marriage dowry for his three young daughters. In the time that this tale originates, if a daughter was poor and unmarried she would have been subject to a life of destitution and servitude. On hearing this, Nicholas was determined to help but he had also heard the man was too proud to accept charity. 

One night, after washing their clothes and hanging them above the fire to dry, the daughters went to bed and it is told that, in the dark of night, Saint Nicholas, threw three bags of gold coins through the window, which miraculously landed in the stockings above the fire. When the daughters awoke they were overjoyed and went on to live happily ever after. 

It is also said that the oranges that are traditionally received inside a Christmas stocking are said to represent the bags of gold that Saint Nicholas threw. 

Our Stocking Fillers For Dogs 

So, now we know where they came from, it’s time we talked about the best things to put in them for our four-legged friends, as we are pretty sure most dogs would not be happy with three oranges!

In our opinion, a stocking is best when it’s filled to the brim with lots of little presents, so we can enjoy the excitement for as long as possible. It’s also beneficial when these presents are friendly on the wallet too, as Christmas can be an expensive time for us all. The Pick & Mix range, at The Pets Larder, features a massive range of all-natural, grain-free and affordable treats and chews, that are perfect for the stocking-stuffing season.

Meaty Morsels To Fill Your Stockings With

The range of meaty chews and treats featured in our Pick & Mix selection is hugely varied, full of amazing all-natural options and features some serious surprises too. Our Pick & Mix features a plethora of options with some being familiar, such as Pigs Ears and Dried Beef Sausages, and some being a bit more obscure, such as our Rabbit’s Ears and Beef Neck Tendons. You could also give your stocking a festive feel and add some Pigs in Blankets or Pork Crackling Sticks to them and give your dogs a little taste of Christmas dinner too.

Pick & Mix Treats for dogs

Vegetarian Dog Treats as Stocking Fillers

Sprinkled amongst the meaty treats are a resplendent range of our very own virtuously vegetarian dog treats. These delightful, The Pets Larder, treats and chews are not only great for your dogs, but they are also good for the environment too, as they reduce the meat content of our dog’s diets. This superb selection features a whole host of fabulous flavours and shapes, from Vegetable Starfish to Fruit & Veg Dental Bones and everything in between.

Also, if your dog is a fan of peanut butter then you needn’t look any further, as our vegetarian dog treat range is packed with perfectly peanutty treats and chews. With nutty options ranging from our Peanut Butter Bones to Peanut Butter Turtles, our vegetarian dog treats are perfect for those dogs who go nuts for peanuts. 

With the prices of our vegetarian dog treats and chews starting from just 0.39p, you can be sure to give your dog a generous gift this Christmas, whatever your budget.

Vegetarian Chews for Dogs

So, this Christmas, when it’s time to think about filling the stockings of your four-legged friends, be sure to check out the perfect pick and mix range at The Pets Larder and give them a special treat, as Saint Nicholas did to the poor man’s daughters all those years ago.

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