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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Eden's Ancestral Dog & Cat Foods

Eden's Amazing Ancestral Dog & Cat Foods

A pet food brand with a name like Eden conjures up images of the best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer us from her garden of early delights, and that is exactly what this brilliant brand provides.

Eden is a fabulous family-owned company that have become experts at making foods that replicate the ancestral diet of our cats and dogs. Ancestral diets try to closely mirror what our dogs would have eaten in the wild, a very popular alternative to more labour intensive raw food diets.

In today's post, we will be exploring the ancestral diet for our pets and how Eden are at the top of their game when it comes to this kind of perfect pet food production. 

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Ancestral Diets for Dogs and Cats

There are many opinions on what the right food to feed our precious pets is and at The Pets Larder, we aim to provide a range of the best all-natural options so your pets can have the very best at all times.

The ancestral diet is based on what our cats and dogs would have eaten pre-industrial revolution, before the advent of commercially produced pet foods. According to some experts, the digestive systems of our pets have remained virtually identical to that of their ancestors. All animals have the ability to adapt to small changes in their diet, however, issues often arise when they are fed nutritionally inappropriate foods for a lifetime. 

If you take us, humans, as an example, one McDonald's every now and then (veggie options of course!) won’t do us much harm but eating it every day can cause serious consequences, as we saw in the infamous film Supersize Me.

For our feline friends and canine companions, overconsumption of grains and poor quality foods with cheap meats and fillers can cause similar problems and as such, we should all take steps to avoid this happening.

One of the best ways to avoid these issues is to follow the ancestral diet, which closely mirrors the diet of wild dogs and cats and the ancestors of our modern domesticated furry friends. This diet is made up of fresh meats and fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds and eggs, without any grains which don't occur naturally in our pets' diets and can often lead to issues such as heart disease and digestive problems. One of the most important parts of an ancestral diet is the bone element of it, which is commonly left out of most commercial foods. Bones would have been a large part of our dogs’ ancestors' diets, as they would have mostly hunted for their foods. This ingredient is included in such ancestral based foods and helps with digestion, dental problems, as well as being a rich source of essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. 

An ancestral diet is a fairly easy diet for you to follow as it is made of foods that our dogs and cats would have come across in the wild all those years ago, making it easy to pick out the best things for our animals to eat. Avoiding grains, and opting for brands that have an ethos of using all-natural and naturally occurring ingredients is a great place to start. There are also several great brands that use the ancestral diet as the core value for producing their foods and treats, such as the ethereal Eden……

Find Out More About the Amazing Ancestral Diet Here>

Ancestral Diets and Eden’s Holistic Pet Foods

Eden Holistic Dog Food is a family run company who were established in rural Staffordshire by husband and wife, Paul and Carol Conquest. This lovely couple decided to launch Eden after conversations with their vet inspired them to produce the best possible food for cats and dogs, based on the ancestral diet, that they could. As they say on their website “Eden is formulated with only the highest quality freshly prepared animal ingredients; a range of fruit, vegetables and botanicals; alongside the very best quality minerals and vitamins”, and that's why we, here at The Pets Larder, are super stoked to have their products on our shelves. 

Eden also has a strong ethical ethos behind everything they do, making sure your pets get the very best nutrients they can as well as supporting a host of animal charities in the process, what more could you want from a pet food brand?

Effervescent Eden 

On our shelves, we stock a wonderful range of these ancestral tidbits, from Venison & Game Treats for Cats and Dogs, to their fantastic Working Dog Country Cuisine Food, there’s some ancestral deliciousness for almost every pet.

Eden Holistic Pet Foods

So if you’re thinking of changing up your dogs’ diet for something a little healthier, grain-free and free from any commercial fillers, look no further than an ancestral diet and the fantastically formulated foods from the excellent Eden that can help you on yours and your pets’ journey.

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