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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Novel Proteins for Dogs - Large Breed Dog Outside in Spring - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Spectacular Springtime & Novel Proteins for Dogs

Spring is finally in full swing, the daffodils are lining verges and the hedgerows are becoming full of greenery and blossom. At this time of year we humans often change up our diet to a more spring-themed menu and we think it’s the also perfect time to try your dogs on some springtime specialities. 

We often think of rabbits and lambs when Spring is brought to mind and in today's post, we will be investigating all of the wonderful canine benefits of these fabulous novel proteins and why it’s a good idea to give your dogs a break from their usual foods this spring.

What is a Novel Protein?

The word novel comes from the Latin word Novus, meaning new. In the context of what our canine companions eat, a novel protein is one that your dog hasn’t eaten, or has rarely eaten, before. So, a novel protein is simply any protein source that your dog hasn't been fed on regularly before and is unique to every dog. Novel proteins are often the go-to for dogs with allergies and other issues linked with the food they are currently eating. In the modern pet food market, there is a veritable plethora of protein sources for you to choose from if your dog is experiencing an allergic reaction to their foods. However, if you think your dog is experiencing symptoms of an allergy, you should always consult your vet before you change anything in their diet.

Keeping a Variety in Your Dogs Feeding Routine

The reasons for keeping a variety of protein sources are three-fold. Firstly, rotation of protein sources allows for optimal nutrient coverage, a diet that is varied will be richer in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Secondly, it is believed that long-term feeding of the same foods can lead to allergic reactions that can manifest in many nasty ways, such as skin irritations, gastrointestinal issues and many more. Last, but by no means least, giving your dogs variety keeps the everyday lives of your furry friends more interesting and keeps boredom from the door. After all, how would you feel having the same meals day-in-day-out?

Dog Eating at a Table Like a Human

Resplendent Rabbit for Dogs

Rabbit is one of the more popular novel proteins as it is a delicious and nutritious British springtime treat. Rabbit is bio-appropriate, meaning it would be a part of a wild dog’s diet, and with the research into ancestral diets of late, this seems to be a great thing.

Rabbit meat is also high in protein but is also lean and low-fat, it contains more protein than chicken! Rabbit is also low in cholesterol which can help reduce the chance of heart disease and obesity issues. It is also a fantastically rich source of vitamin B12, which helps the nervous system work effectively and aids the maintenance of energy levels.

If you’d like to try your dog on some resplendent rabbit, why not try Natures Menu Country Hunter Rabbit. This full-flavoured food is packed with lashings of freshly prepared rabbit, alongside a specially selected formula of vegetables and fruits that will keep your dogs going throughout the Spring and beyond.

Get Your Natures Menu Country Hunter Rabbit Here>

If you’d like a tasty tidbit of rabbit just to give it a try, you can pick up some of our Rabbit Ears With Fur, perfect for those playful dogs who can't get enough of gnawing. These excellent ears come with fur, which would have been a natural part of a dog's diet and helps with dental care and intestinal cleaning. 

Rabbit ears for dogs

Luscious Lamb for Dogs

Another spectacular springtime novel protein is luscious lamb. Although lamb is much more common in pet foods these days it still is a lot less frequently seen than proteins like chicken and beef. Lamb is a great source of dietary protein and the essential amino acids that all mammals need to grow and rebuild. It is also a good source of some fabulous fatty acids, which help with the transport of vitamins and minerals throughout the body, helping your dog get all the goodness from their foods that they possibly can.

Lamb is also rich in iron, aiding with oxygen transport and haemoglobin production, and omega-3, which is a natural remedy for dogs with joint problems, arthritis and skin issues.

If you’d like to see how much your dog likes lamb we would recommend our loveliest lamb kibble, Respryn Lamb and Sweet Potato from Aflora. This fabulous food is grain-free, made using freshly prepared lamb and vegetables, and is made with all-natural ingredients with absolutely no added nasties. 

Pick up Your Aflora Grain Free - Lamb with Sweet Potato

When we want a lamby treat, we always go straight for JR Pet Products Lamb Spaghetti which is a favourite of dogs countrywide. Made from dried lambs' intestines, these delicious, all-natural and 100% lamb treats are perfect for small to medium-sized dogs., who will scarf them up as quick as you can hand them out!

JR Lamb Spaghetti for dogs

So this spring, as the daffodils are showing their faces, get your precious pups into the mood with some resplendent rabbit and lovely lamb and see all of the benefits these novel proteins can bring whilst they scarf down an exciting new dinner.

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