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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Natures Variety Freeze Dried Dog Food and Treats - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Freeze Dried Dog Food and Treats from Nature's Variety

We all know of Laika, the first dog in space, and I'm sure we've all seen a German Shepard joining in on army drills in the movies, but what do soldiers, astronauts and your dogs have in common? Freeze dried food! This brilliant way of keeping food fresh whilst maintaining its nutritional benefits has been around commercially since the 1930s when it was used in World War 2 to transport penicillin and blood to treat wounded soldiers on the front line. Since then the process has been used for many applications from rations for the space missions to, one that nearly every home in the UK has, dried coffee.

At The Pets Larder however we are only interested in one use of freeze drying and that is, of course, making delicious all natural food and treats for your dogs. Although freeze drying human food has been around since the 1930s, using it in pet foods is nothing short of revolutionary. Using this unique new way of making pet food and treats, and heading the pack when it comes to making delicious raw foods is Nature's Variety. Natures Variety uses the only freeze drying facility of its kind in Europe, to utilise this groundbreaking technique and create a food with all the nutrition and flavour of a raw diet but with the convenience of dried foods and treats. 

Stamp with Laika the dog On. This blog is all about natural freeze dried dog food.

Freeze Dried Pet Foods

So, how does it work? I hear you all asking. Freeze drying is a low temperature dehydration method that uses a process of freezing, pressure reduction and removing ice crystals from the foods by sublimation, a process of turning ice directly into water vapour without a liquid state in between. This gentle process allows all the wholesome goodness and nutrition in raw foods to be locked into an easily storable dry food without the need for refrigeration. This preservation technique also intensifies all those meaty flavours that your dog loves without the need to add artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

German Shepard dog. We are here talking about all things natural freeze dried dog food.

Nature’s Variety

At The Pets Larder we love to stock the very best of all natural foods that are made with the best ingredients and have your dog's nutritional interests at the heart of their core values, and all of that can be said for Nature's Variety foods and treats. Designing recipes made from the very best of what nature has to offer, combining great quality meats with the most nourishing of fruits and vegetables without a grain in sight, Nature’s Variety really is a company with an ethos that aligns perfectly with what we expect from our suppliers here at The Pets Larder. So, it's no surprise that, here in Cornwall, our shop shelves and our new warehouse are both laden with a brilliant range of grain free, all natural, nutritionally balanced freeze dried foods, chunks and bites from Nature's Variety for your pooch to sample. 

Nature’s Variety Complete Freeze Dried Foods

Available in four delicious flavours, Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Turkey this innovative freeze dried food gives all the nutrition of a raw food with the convenience of a dry kibble. These bite sized chunks are made from premium cuts of meat combined with a hand picked selection of superfood fruits and vegetables which are then freeze dried to lock in maximum flavour and nourishment for your dogs. It almost goes without saying but this food is free from grains as well as artificial flavourings, preservatives and colours making it the perfect wholesome, nutrient dense dinner every day.

Natures Variety freeze dried food for dogs: Lamb variety

Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Chunks

These freeze dried chunks are perfect as a special treat or as a nourishing meaty meal topper, whatever way your dog likes them Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Chunks are packed full of flavour and virtue in every bite. Made with 100% meat or fish and freeze dried for the fullest of flavour and the best that raw food has to offer, these chunks are wholesome, easy to store and affordable. With no added nasties and completely grain free Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Chunks are made with only the highest quality freeze dried meats, are available in Salmon, Beef and Chicken varieties and we know that your dog will savour every bite.  

Natures Variety freeze dried chunks for dogs, chicken flavour

Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Bites

But what about a treat size for the everyday? Fear not as Nature's Variety has that covered too! Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Bites are the perfect pocket sized treat, ideal for walkies, puppy training or just giving your best friend a well deserved luxury for being the best dog ever. These bites are also freeze dried giving them the same benefits of raw food in a dry package and are a perfect size for out and about. Easy to store and ready to be enjoyed straight out of the pack Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Bites from Natural Cornish Pet are an all natural, nutritious, grain free dog treat, tailor-made to help maintain the healthiest of hounds.

Natures Variety freeze dried turkey bites for dogs

So, with an exciting and innovative food production process and the only pet food freeze drying facility in Europe, Nature's Variety really is the top dog when it comes to dry, raw foods. At The Pets Larder we love a brand who provides a healthier way to feed our dogs and is willing to take a fresh new approach to achieving that. 

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