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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Great Value Gifts for your Dogs this Christmas - Dog With Gifts Beside a Festive Fireplace - The Pets Larder A Natural Pet Shop

Great Value Gifts for your Dogs this Christmas

It might seem a little premature to be talking about Christmas, but November is fast approaching and with the pressures we are all feeling this year, with the cost of living crisis and a merry-go-round of political turmoil, it might be time to start thinking about your gift buying a little earlier. 

Christmas can be a difficult time of year when money is tight, but with a little preparation and a keen eye for a bargain, we can all make sure our dogs and dog-loving friends know that they are being thought of and appreciated whatever your current financial status.

With glorious gifts from as little as £1.85 we, at The Pets Larder, have got gifts for any budget. We have carefully curated an amazing selection of the coolest Christmas presents and tastiest festive treats with budgets in mind so every pet can be pampered properly when the trees are festooned with tinsel.

In today's post, we will be featuring some of our favourite festive treats and gifts to get you and your canine companions in the mood for Christmas and ramp up the excitement for what you might be putting under your tree. 

Terrific Toys for Good Boys (and Girls) 

We all have a memory of Christmas past, feeling the weight of a stocking at the end of our beds, instant excitement coursing through our bodies in anticipation of what toy might be wrapped within. And what better way to give your dog a truly festive experience than by leaving them their new favourite toy to unwrap on Christmas morn? 

KONG Sherps Christmas Reindeer & KONG Cozie Christmas Reindeer 

If a soft toy is a way to your dog's heart, then these fantastically soft plushie toys might just be the perfect gift this Christmas. Soft enough to be your canine companion’s snuggle buddy when you’re not around but durable enough to take a good amount of rough play, these festive friends will make your dog's Christmas one to remember. Both of these fantastic cuddly toys are also fitted with a variety of squeakers and crinkly materials to keep your dogs interested and engaged every time they play with their new Christmas companion.

Kong Sherps Reindeer Christmas Dog Toy

Fantastically Festive Treats

As the Quality Street and mince pies come out for us, we think it's only fair that our dogs get a taste of something festive too. And with some delicious treat options coming in at less than £2, no one in any dog-centric household will have to miss out.

Forthglade - Soft Bites Turkey Dog Treats

These budget-busting treats are not only perfect for the festive season with turkey being the star of the show, but they are also magnificently moreish, totally grain free and made with amazing all-natural ingredients too. Perfect for those dogs who are firmly on the ‘nice’ list this December.

Forthglade Turkey Treats for Dogs

Pet Bakery - Festive Christmas Dinner

Another delectable treat in our fabulous festive range this year is the superb Pet Bakery - Festive Christmas Dinner biscuits. These gourmet shortbreads are laced with lashings of cranberries and turkey, giving your dog a proper taste of Christmas in every bite. They are also made with only the finest ingredients and are free from any nasty additives or additional salt, making them a naughty but nice festive treat this Christmas.

Pet Bakery Festive Christmas Dinner Dog Biscuits
Pick up Some Pet Bakery Festive Christmas Dinner Dog Biscuits Here>

Christmas Dinners for Your Dogs 

When we are all sitting down to meals that are straining the legs of our dining room tables and are filled with a plethora of festive treats, we think it’s only right that your dog can enjoy a little taste of Christmas too.

Forthglade 12 meals of Christmas Multicase

This special Christmas variety pack has been developed by the brilliant folks at Forthglade to give your dog a festive treat without foregoing any of the nutrition they need all year round. These fantastic flavours are all perfect for the holiday season and are, like all of the fantastic offerings from Forthglade, completely free of any ‘junk’, ensuring your dog gets the very best regardless of the time of year. From turkey with cranberry and parsnip to beef with pumpkin and broccoli, there's sure to be a festive flavour your four-legged friends will go mad for. 

Forthglade 12 Meals of Christmas Dog Dinners

So, with Christmas fast approaching and the festive budgets being tighter than usual this year, why not get the holiday treats and food for your dogs early and take out any worries you might have before the madness begins?

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