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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Our Top 4 Best Dog Leads - Dog on His Lead.

Our Top 4 Delightful Dog Leads

When choosing a new lead for your dog it is essential to get the right one. Leads are the tool that connects us to our dogs whilst walking, the piece of equipment that keeps us and our canine companions safe, and is a great way to show off your dog's best behaviour and sense of style too!

There are a lot of leads on the market that simply aren't cut out for the rigours of daily walks and can pose a risk to your dog's well-being. Sub-standard materials, the lack of testing and prioritising profit over safety are just a few of the reasons that some leads out there can be more than just a nuisance.

Our Top 4 Delightful Dog Leads

Thankfully at The Pets Larder, we take the time to make sure all of the walking accessories we stock are tested to the highest standards. If we wouldn't trust them for walking with our dogs, why would we sell them to you, our fantastic customers? Our priority is, and always will be, the welfare of dogs across Cornwall and the UK and, as such, you can always trust any pet product that is on our shelves. 

In today's post, we will be singing the praises of the best leads we have on our shelves, so next time you’re in the market for an upgrade you’ll know exactly where to come.

Our Delightful Dog Leads

As we mentioned above, no product gets onto the shelves at The Pets Larder without proper research. We pride ourselves on stocking the best products we can find and, as such, everything we sell is given a full dressing down before it is anywhere near our shelves. This is no different with our selection of luscious leads and below are three of our favourites.

Doodlebone Originals - Dog Leads

When it comes to leads there are often three major factors to consider; durability, comfort and, least importantly, style! And the Doodlebone Originals certainly tick all three boxes with alacrity. These heavy-duty dog leads are made to last, made with tough polyester webbing and reinforced stitching to withstand even the most enthusiastic of dogs. They have a neoprene-lined handle to reduce rubbing and ensure a comfortable walk every time. As well as all this the Doodlebone Original Dog Leads are available in four fantastic colours so there's sure to be one that matches your dog’s style too.

Doodlebone Dog Lead Peacock

Cornish Grippy Dog Leads

If there’s one thing we love above all others, it’s products made that are made and designed right here, in Cornwall. Winner of ‘The Customer is Always Right’ on the BBC and devised by dog owners with a problem we have all experienced, the Grippy Lead is a fantastic product we are happy to recommend.

The grippy lead was born from the problem of making durable leads shorter without wrapping them around one's hands or holding them lower down, which can cause safety issues and the potential to lose control completely. The grippy leads allow you to simply select one of the five available loops to suit the degree of control needed at that point, addressing those obvious safety issues. The grippy leads are available in five fabulous colours and varieties, so there will be the perfect match for your dog whatever their needs.

Cornish Grippy Lead for Dogs

Puppies & Pom Poms - Cornish Tartan Dog Lead

If style is the top priority for your dogs (without scrimping on safety) the Cornish Tartan Dog Lead From Puppies & Pom Poms should be your go-to. The traditional cornish tartan print represents all the beauty and boldness of the sea and is simply a great way to give your dog that extra ‘Je ne sais quoi’! The lead is made from high-density polyester webbing and has a reinforced handle for comfort and safety making it as durable as it is stylish. 

If your dog likes to coordinate his or her outfits then you can pair this super stylish lead with the matching harness, collar, poo bag holder and bow tie from the connoisseurs of style at Puppies & Pom Poms.

Puppies and Pom Poms Cornish Tartan Dog Lead

So, next time you are thinking of upgrading your old worn-out lead, look no further than the website of The Pets Larder and our resplendent range of hard-wearing, practical and super stylish dog leads, so you can be sure you have the best a dog can get.

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