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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Green Friday with Natural Cornish Pet - The Pets Larder A Natural Pet Shop

Green Friday: The Black Friday With a Conscience

In an article published in The Guardian it was written that Black Friday shopping deals are usually not all they are made out to be, with only 1 in 20 deals on products showing to be a genuine discount. And with Cop 26 still fresh in our minds, perhaps it's about time we didn't subscribe to materialism at this time of year and instead focus on some of the more people, pet and planet friendly things we can do. 

This year, at The Pets Larder, we have decided to get on board with the idea of Green Friday, a campaign started in 2017 by a group of independent retailers and climate activists that focuses on the positive things we can do for the planet, our health, independent retailers and charities. 

Green Friday 2021

This week as the pandemonium of Black Friday draws its dark veil over the western world, here at your favourite natural pet store, we have been putting our heads together and working out ways in which we can make a positive impact this November. So, when we heard of the brilliant idea of Green Friday through a fabulous article in CountryLiving magazine, we were sold straight away. Green Friday is a counter movement designed to bring some semblance of ethics and morality back into what should be a time of year that is full of charity, family and good cheer. Green Friday is designed to focus on the best things in life rather than what capitalism tries to make us believe they are. Getting out in nature for some exercise and fresh air, spending time with a loved one, donating time and resources to charities and other good causes, planting some seeds for next spring, supporting independent businesses, and buying from sustainable brands, are just a few of the wonderful ideas that Green Friday supporters have suggested as alternatives to lining the pockets of large corporations and wasting vital natural resources. 

Find Out More About Green Friday Here>

Our Favourite Green Friday Ideas

At The Pets Larder we have a plethora of ideas and deals that will keep you and your pets with a clear conscience this Friday. From deserving local charities to wonderful walks and some excellent eco-friendly pet products, we've got everything you could need to make this Friday as Green as can be. 

Cool Charities

This year our little natural pet shop has teamed up with the wonderful RSPCA Cornwall to offer a treat box from which 10% of sale goes directly to this much deserving charity. We also offer a donation service on our site which allows you to donate some of our amazing all natural treats directly to the animals being looked after at RSPCA Cornwall. You can find out more about supporting this wonderful charity with us Here>

RSPCA Cornwall Charity Donations for Green Friday

The Pets Larder also supports the WWF and the Cornwall branch of the National Animal Welfare Trust, so you can be sure that every time you support us, there is an animal that will have our support in return.

Wonderful Walks

In Cornwall we are so lucky to be surrounded by a cornucopia of beautiful countryside to get out into with our dogs. But no matter wherever you may be, you can take the opportunity to get you and your four legged friends out to frolic in the flora and fauna of the great British outdoors. You can check out some of our favourite Cornish autumnal walks and get some ideas for your Green Friday excursions Here> 

Dog Friendly Walks, get outside this Green Friday

Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Brands and Vegetarian Dog Treats 

At The Pets Larder we are proud to stock some of the best eco-conscious pet brands around, as well as producing a fantastic range of, planet friendly, vegetarian dog treats of our very own. Brands such as Earth Animal, Green & Wilds and the amazing Aflora are all fantastic ambassadors for reducing the carbon paw-prints of our animals, whilst still producing top quality treats, chews and foods. Another great way of reducing your pets' effect on the environment is to reduce the quantity of meat in their diets. A fantastically simple but effective way of doing this is with our The Pets Larder vegetarian dog treats and chews and you can find out all about these delicious vegetarian dog treats Here> 

Aflora Grain Free Dog Food, support local business this Green Friday
So, this winter, why not sidestep the kerfuffle of Black Friday and avoid buying into the capitalist ideals that have somewhat dampened the true meaning of this time of year, and put the cheer, charity and Christmas spirit right back into your winter.
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