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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Green & Wilds: Tremendous Treats For Your Dog - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Green & Wilds: Tremendous Treats For Your Dog

Whether it's a reward for training, a delicious morsel to supplement your dog’s diet or just a little gift for your favourite furry friend to strengthen the bond between the two of you, a good treat is an essential for all dog owners. At The Pets Larder all of our dog treats are sourced from industry leading producers of all natural and wholesome pet foods, so you can be assured of quality as well the healthiest choices for your dogs. When it comes to the treats themselves, we believe that only the finest ingredients and manufacturing processes will do, and when we are searching for products that will grace our shelves we look for only the very best. A company that produces some of the best treats we've seen and one that we are proud to work with is the brilliant Green & Wilds. 

Green & Wilds

Green & Wilds was formed in the early noughties when the brains behind this fabulous company discovered antler dog chews and quickly became one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of these wonderful all natural chews. Since then Green & Wilds have gone on to produce a great range of treats, chews and snacks with all natural and wholesome recipes, for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Green & Wilds describe themselves as being “All about natural, healthy products with good wholesome honest ingredients”, and this is music to our ears here at The Pets Larder as this is exactly the kind of ethos we love. With their excellent ethos and stunning treats and chews it's no wonder our shelves are well stocked with the best of what Green & Wilds has to offer. 

Green & Wilds Treat Pouches

We've established that we all need dog treats and that Green & Wilds make great things, and it'll come as no surprise that combining the two things is something we think is a no-brainer. Available in a fascinating range of varieties the Green & Wilds Treat Pouches has something for every dog. From Camel Hide to Buffalo Bites and Sweet Potato Treats these treat pouches are a taste sensation for your dogs and are also completely free from grains, colourings and preservatives. The use of novel proteins such as ox, venison and camel is great for those pooches with sensitive tummies or allergies to more commonly found proteins. These treats are not just made for the fabulous flavours and interesting ingredients but are also formulated with your dog's health at heart of the process. From iron rich venison to cholesterol friendly buffalo, these bags of tantalising tidbits are packed with flavour as well as a whale host of nutritional benefits.

The Pets Larder’s Top Green & Wilds Treat Bags 

With too many brilliant bags of tremendous treats to mention in one post, we’ve picked a few of our favourites and best sellers to help you choose where to start your dog’s Green & Wilds journey. 

Wild Bills Buffalo Mini Bites

These buffalo mini bites are the perfect treat for those dogs who may have put on some lockdown pounds. Buffalo is very lean meat and is lower in cholesterol than those meats in more traditional dog treats making it a great healthy choice. As with all Green & Wilds products the Wild Bills Buffalo Mini Bites are completely free of any nasty ingredients and consist of buffalo meat, apple fibre and salt and not a single thing more. They are also a great source of iron which is essential for a healthy vascular system. So if your dog is getting bored of the same old beef and chicken why not try a bit of brilliant buffalo to enhance their training and their diet.

Green & Wilds Buffalo Bites

Venison Deli Snacks 

These Venison Deli Snacks are not only a delicious wholesome air dried snack but have a veritable plethora of benefits for your dog  too. Venison is naturally low in fat and calories, is a great source of iron and healthy protein as well as being grain and gluten free and hypoallergenic. Green & Wilds Venison Deli snacks are produced in the UK to the highest of standards and are air dried to lock in all the fabulous flavour and brilliant nutritional benefits.

Green & Wilds Venison Deli Bites

Sweet Potato Treats 

These charmingly chewy Sweet Potato Treats are a delectable meat free option that boast a bounty of benefits. Green & Wilds Sweet Potato Treats are air dried which creates a chewy texture that acts as an all natural toothbrush, promoting fresher breath and healthy gums. They are also a great source of Beta-carotene which is a compound that helps to develop and maintain healthy bones, teeth, skin and hair. So If you're looking for a snack that is 100% vegetables and acts as a brilliant boost for your pooch then look no further than Green & Wilds Sweet Potato Treats.

Green & Wilds Sweet Potato Fries

With bags of the best all natural and wonderfully wholesome dog treats around and a penchant for the best quality ingredients around it's no surprise that Green & Wilds treats and snacks are some of our favourites at The Pets Larder.

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