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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
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Hot Weather Walkies with Dogs

The sun is finally beating down on us here in St Erth after what feels like an eternity of wet and windy weather, and we are so ready for it. However as the temperatures begin to rise again over Cornwall we need to start considering the welfare of our canine companions just that little bit more. With walks being a necessity for maintaining the healthiest of hounds, it's paramount that we plan routes that will provide ways for our best friends to stay cool, calm and collected. 

Planning your walks beforehand is also essential, making sure to pack all the necessary prerequisites such as water and treats and keeping walks to appropriate lengths and times of day. At The Pets Larder above all else is our commitment to keeping your animals as wholesome and healthy as can be. So, this summer we have pooled together our years of pet expertise to provide you, our awesome customers, with some handy hints and tips to keep your dogs safe when out and about when the temperatures are soaring. We've also picked a couple of our favourite walks here in West Cornwall to take your dogs when it's too hot for your usual routes. 

Keeping An Eye On The Thermometer

Dogs regulate their temperature by panting and not through their skin like we do and have a furry coat on all year round so high temperatures can be very dangerous for them. In a recent Metro article, vet Clare Hamilton stated that “anything over 25 degrees celsius can be very risky”, and that to be precautious it's best to walk dogs before 8am and after 8pm on particularly hot days. Warning signs of your dog getting too hot include heavy panting, red eyes and reduced activity and you should seek veterinary assistance as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. It’s widely agreed that most dogs will be absolutely happy in temperatures under 20 degrees celsius as long as they have regular access to fresh water. There are also products available such as the Hurtta Cooling Vest which will help your dog maintain a healthy body temperature, but these should always be used alongside good dog welfare practises to absolutely make sure your canine companion is the most comfortable they can be.

Hurtta Cooling Vest

Staying In The Shade

One of the priorities when walking our dogs on those hot summer days is making sure there is plenty of shade for your furry friends to rest in. Keeping your dogs cool is essential and the best way to achieve this is by keeping them out of the sun. Look for wooded areas, paths with tall hedges or parks with things like bandstands or even a cafe with an umbrella. It's also important to rest in the shade and not walk for extended periods in the sun at any one time. You can also bring a towel on your walks which you can dampen with some water so your dog can lie on it in the shade and get that little bit more refreshment.

Wonderful Water

It is essential on hot days to always have plenty of water with you when walking your dogs. Hydration is absolutely key to keeping your dog as happy as possible in warm weather and having a bottle and bowl with you should always be one of the first things you think about when walking your dogs in the summer. Places with water sources such as streams and lakes are also a great option for summertime walkies as playing in the water can reduce your dog's body temperature and help to keep them cool. If your dog loves to play in the water you can also invest in some amphibious dog toys to encourage them o stay cool. At The Pets Larder we have an excellent range of Chuckit! toys specifically for water play. From floating frisbees to balls with absorbent cores that hydrate during play, we've got toys that will get even the most nervous of swimmers paddling with delight.


Our Favourite Hot Weather Walks With Dogs

Golitha Falls, Liskeard

Golitha Falls is a National Nature Reserve and is breathtaking oak woodland that is dissected by a beautiful stretch of the River Fowey. This part of the river is made up of a series of striking cascades and mini waterfalls, with plenty of pools to paddle in along the way. There is also an excellent cafe situated in the carpark and a myriad of different walks all with plenty of shade and the sound of water never too far away.

Hot Weather Walkies with Dogs

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens 

For a walk that has a little culture along the way look no further than Tremenheere Sculpture gardens. This gem is set in a valley that overlooks St Michaels Mount and is not just a place to find some beautiful artwork by a series of internationally acclaimed artists. Dotted with streams and interwoven with plenty of trees and tropical planting, this garden is the perfect place to spend a warm afternoon appreciating some of life's finer things alongside your poochie pals. 

Hot Weather Walkies with Dogs

So, as the mercury in your thermometer begins to rise don't forget to plan your walks accordingly. At The Pets Larder we believe the best course of action is to pack plenty of water, plan your routes to include shade and water, and always remember if it seems hot to you, imagine what it's like with a coat on all year round!

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