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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Hownd For Your Hounds - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Hownd For Your Hounds

When it comes to pet products you'll know by now that at The Pets Larder Cornwall's best pet shop, we only stock the very best all natural, nutritionally complete, cruelty free, eco friendly, wholesome stuff that we can get our paws on. We do this by producing our own amazing treats and foods alongside stocking products from the best companies around. We extensively research and carefully curate the products on our shelves especially for you and your animals to ensure you will always be getting the best products for the best prices. 

When curating our selections we come across a whole host of companies but only choose the cream of the crop for our shelves, a great example of this and one of our favourite companies to work with is the heavenly and holistic Hownd. 

Hownd - Ethical Products For Happy Hounds 

Hownd have been making waves in the dog grooming market since their emergence. Producing a whole range of cruelty free, plant based shampoos, conditioners, fragrances and wipes since 2015, Hownd really have been a breath of fresh air to dog owners across the land. The marvellous brains behind Hownd have also been hard at work since their inception and have extended their range to include a selection of the finest holistic hemp treats around, which we cannot recommend enough. 

All of the perfect products from Hownd that we have on our shelves at The Pets Larder, are made to the strictest of ethical standards and contain only top quality all natural plant based ingredients. The manifesto at Hownd is to make grooming products and treats that do not compromise the welfare of any other animals and as such are accredited by The Vegetarian (Vegan) Society, PETA Cruelty Free and The Ethical Company Organisation. They are also so committed to using vegan products that even their Skin, Nose and Paw Balm is made with a sustainable wax made from the candelilla plant rather than using beeswax to avoid any cruelty to our vitally important bees. 

Hownd Dog - Natural Pet Store

Hownd are also an amazingly forward thinking group of dog lovers too, with all of their products being eco-friendly since the day they started, and by replacing meat treats with a Hownd plant based treat you will be doing your bit for the environment too, by reducing the amount of meat your dog has in their treats. 

At The Pets Larder we are committed to doing everything we can to be environmentally friendly and ethically aware whilst never compromising on quality. Companies like Hownd are a joy for us to work with as their ethical and environmental standards align with ours and together, with you our wonderful customers, we can build a healthier and happier tomorrow for our planet and our dogs. 

To Find Out More About the Heavenly Hownd Check Out Their website Here>

Hownd at The Pets Larder

Here at The Pets Larder we have two groups of products from Hownd, their great grooming products, including balms, shampoos, body mists and conditioners, and a range of their wonderful plant based wellness treats featuring all of the brilliant benefits of hemp. 

Check Out Our Whole Hownd Range Here>

Hownd Grooming Products

All of the great grooming products from Hownd are formulated to be PH balanced, free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens and dyes and are gentle but effective ways of keeping your dog clean whilst protecting their skin and coat. Our range of Hownd grooming products includes such delights as; Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo and Emergency Wipes for those dogs who love to roll in everything they see, Playful Pup Shampoo and Body Mist for the sensitive skin and coats of puppies and young dogs, Hemp by Hownd: Skin, Nose and Paw Balm which protects your dogs sensitive area from the elements and provides deep moisturisation, and Got an Itch Conditioning Shampoo and Body Mists which give relief for those with dry flaky skin and wiry coats. With all of these amazing pampering products as well as many others, a great ethical and eco-friendly standard and the best plant based ingredients around we think that Hownd grooming products are the top dog. 

Hownd Grooming Products - Natural Pet Store

Hownd Hemp Wellness Treats 

Packed with hemp protein and formulated to be meat free, these award-winning planet friendly treats come in a range of brilliant varieties, are cruelty and additive free and are completely irresistible to your furry friends too. At The Pets Larder we stock a fabulous five of these holistic treats and they all have a different set of minerals to aid in the treatment and prevention of some common canine ailments. We have; Yup You Stink! for tackling those with a bad case of dog breath, Keep Calm to help anxious dogs unwind, Got an Itch to aid in maintaining a healthy skin and coat, Golden Oldies with added chondroitin and glucosamine for those in their latter years, and last but by no means least Playful Pup with added calcium and rooibos to help your puppy grow up as strong and healthy as can be. With all of these fabulous choices and planet friendly plant based recipes, we think Hownd Hemp Wellness Treats are a change we can all make.

Hownd Hemp Wellness Treats

With a fantastic range of glorious grooming products and some wonderful wellness treats that harness all the heavenly help of hemp, we are more than proud to have heavenly Hownd gracing our shelves at The Pets Larder.

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