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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Human Gifts From The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Heavenly Human Gifts at The Pets Larder

As you know, at The Pets Larder, we are committed to providing the very best pet products we can, so your favourite furry friends have everything they need to live long, healthy and luxury filled lives. We are also dedicated to making sure that we provide all natural treats, chews and foods that are free from additives, as well as a great range of sustainable accessories so our impact on the planet is at a minimum and your pets' health is always looked after. And last but by no means least, we want to make sure that you, our wonderful customers, are provided with the best possible shopping experience and one that is affordable and informative too. 

As you can see above, the scales do seem a little unbalanced, all the treats for the pets and all the payment options for you. However, the brilliant brains at the The Pets Larder head office have come up with a solution, a small but perfectly formed selection of gifts for those of us with two legs rather than four. Our gifts for humans are perfect for the owner who feels left out when the bountiful boxes of treats from The Pets Larder lands on the doorstep, or for those searching for a special gift for the pet aficionado in their life. And with, dare I say it, Christmas around the corner, it's always good to have plenty of present ideas for those non-furry friends that you might want to treat  at this festive time of year. 

When it comes to gifts, we've got a superb selection at The Pets Larder that should keep any pet or pet owner happy, whatever the special occasion may be. And if you're searching for that perfect present for the animal lover in your life, this Christmas, make sure you peruse the resplendent range of gifts for humans at The Pets Larder and put a smile on their faces for the rest of the year. 

Gifts for Humans 

When we were curating the brilliant range of gifts for our fantastic customers we knew we would make them animal themed, at the very least, because if there's one thing that connects us all, here at The Pets Larder, it's the ludicrous amount of love we all have for our furry friends. So with that in mind we stuffed our range full of gifts that will pull on the heartstrings of any animal lover. With pet themed games, books and some perplexing puzzles, there's plenty of gorgeous gifts to choose from and some could even make a superb stocking filler too. We've selected a few of our favourites so you can get them onto your Christmas lists with plenty of time to spare or just to treat yourself to a delightful distraction from those cold winter nights! 

Check Out the Whole of our Heavenly Human Gift Range Here>

Do You Look Like Your Dog? and Do You Look Like Your Cat? - Memory Games

These fantastic card games will bring a sackful of smiles to any family and will help to while away those cold and wet winter days. Consisting of 50 high quality cards, in each game, that feature some brilliant portraits of animals and owners, shot by renowned photographer Gerrard Gethings, alongside some hilarious clues to help you match them up. Do You Look Like Your Dog? and Do You Look Like Your Cat? Can also be played as a memory game for double the exciting entertainment, making them even better value too. These convivial card games are a great gift for any lover of cats or dogs and are a perfect pairing for lovers of both. 

Do you look like your pet memory games. Gifts for humans.

Get the Do You Look Like Your…..? Games Here>

299 Cats (and a Dog) & 299 Dogs (and a Cat) - Cluster Puzzles

At Natural Cornish Pet we have a couple of puzzle connoisseurs in our office and these perplexing cluster puzzles come with their seal of approval! 299 Cats (and a Dog) and 299 Dogs (and a Cat) are a proper challenging conundrum, as none of the pieces are anything like a regular jigsaw puzzle at all. What’s more, each and every one of the pieces in these cunning clusters, takes the shape of a fabulous feline or captivating canine. These perfect puzzles are illustrated by celebrated artist Léa Maupetit and are as aesthetically pleasing as they are brilliantly frustrating, and will provide hours of family friendly fun.

Pet Jigsaw Puzzle for Humans

The Book Of Dog Poems and The Book of Cat Poems 

These fabulous books of pet poetry are a real treat for those that love the combination of pets and some perfect prose, and are a personal favourite of mine. Curated by Ana Sampson and illustrated, fabulously, by Sarah Maycock, these brilliant books feature some of the heavyweights of verse, including; Wordsworth, Keats, Kipling, Margaret Atwood and Oscar Wilde, to name but a few. If you, like me, love a master of the written word as well as having a passion for animals, then The Book Of Dog Poems and The Book of Cat Poems are the perfect treats for you. 

Pet Poem Book, gift for humans

So, when you are picking up some perfect presents, tremendous treats or fabulous foods for your pets, from the shelves of The Pets Larder, treat yourself or someone you love at the same time with some of our heavenly Human Gifts.

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