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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
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Keeping Your Dog Happy and Safe During Fireworks Season

As the start of October comes and goes, at The Pets Larder we start to cast our minds towards November, remembering the fifth of that special month and the celebrations of Guy Fawkes night with bonfires, burning effigies and fireworks. As much as we may look forward to all of these autumnal treats there's one member of your family that might not be looking forward to some aspects of the festivities at all.

According to the RSPCA it estimated that 45% of dogs show signs of fear when fireworks are being let off. Thankfully there are a few really simple tips and tricks as well as some superb supplements that can help your dog cope with the intense sights and sounds at this time of year. 

Keeping Your Dog Happy During Fireworks Season

At The Pets Larder we always think that prevention is better than cure and we have collated a few of our favourite helpful hints to keep your dog content when the bright lights and loud bangs are filling the skies. We have also got a wondrous Scullcap and Valerian supplement made by the brilliant brains at Dorwest that can help to keep your dog calm and collected all November long. 

Helpful Hints For Fireworks Season

Walks and Outdoor Time and Microchipping

If you are aware that fireworks will be let off in your local area it is always best to keep your dogs inside during any displays. Try taking your dog for a long walk before it gets dark and letting them out for a toilet break after midnight when it becomes illegal to set off fireworks. It's also a good idea to have your dogs microchipped and to make sure their details are up to date in case of rogue fireworks causing them to run off in fright. If a call of nature comes and you do have to let your dog out during the letting off of fireworks make sure your outside space is escape proof in case of them being scared and bolting.

fireworks dog anxiety

Making a Safe Space 

When fireworks are being let off it is a good idea to create a safe and comfortable space for your dog so they can feel at ease however spectacular the show is. Taking precautions and preempting the triggers is paramount when it comes to keeping them calm. Closing all your windows and doors and drawing curtains helps to keep some of the lights and sounds to a minimum. Turning on a TV or radio can also help to drown out the noise and reduce the impact on your dogs, this can also make them feel like they have company, which is often an effective method to reduce stress in pack animals like dogs. We also recommend setting up places to hide for your dog in case they do get spooked, try lining a crate with blankets and cushions or making a ‘fort’ from sofa cushions so they have a safe place to run to if the sights and sounds of the fireworks do permeate your walls.

Chews and Puzzle Toys 

Keeping your canine companion's mind distracted is also a really effective way of reducing the anxiety and stress caused by fireworks and there's few better ways than giving them a long lasting treat from Natural Cornish Pet. Long lasting chews such as Yakers and puzzle toys such as the Classic Kong stuffed with some delicious Natural Cornish Pet Peanut Butter can keep your dogs focused on their treats and happy as a dog can be despite whatever might be happening outside your home. 

Kong classic

Super Supplements For Reducing Stress

As we know there isn't a quick fix for helping out your dog during periods of high stress and anxiety like Guy Fawkes night, however this process is always made easier when your dog is suitably relaxed and this is where some of the super supplements on our shelves can help. 

Dorwest - Scullcap & Valerian 

This amazing all natural medicament is packed with magical herbs that helps to naturally keep your dog calm and relaxed and is the perfect addition to their routine during the season of pyrotechnic illuminations. The unique mix of scullcap, valerian, mistletoe and gentian helps to soothe your dog by relaxing pathways in their nervous system without causing unwanted drowsiness or reduced muscle mobility. This supplement is particularly popular with agility and show dog handlers as they reduce anxiety whilst keeping their dog focused and alert as usual. These super supplements can be used not just for fireworks season but for a wide range of canine anxiety problems, including separation anxiety, travel nervousness and other anxiety triggering events such as thunder and lightning storms. If your dog isn't a fan of the bonfire night festivities then why not try the super Scullcap & Valerian from Dorwest.

Scullcap and valerian

So, as we look forward to the fabulous firework festivities, don't forget to make a plan to keep your dogs safe, comfortable and anxiety free this autumn. With just a few of our handy hints, a long lasting chew and a simple supplement from our shelves here at The Pets Larder, we think your dog should be able get through the night without a whimper. 

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