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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
National Pet Dental Health Month - Labrador With Healthy Teeth - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

National Pet Dental Health Month

Just a hop skip and a jump over the Atlantic Ocean, our American friends will be taking part in a National Pet Dental Health Month during February. Although we haven't taken up this event of awareness on this side of the pond, at The Pets Larder we have decided to take this as an opportunity to highlight the importance of keeping your pets teeth, gums and mouth as healthy as they can be.  

The dental health of our pets is of paramount importance and keeping it that way should be a part of your and your dog’s routine. Thankfully there are so many simple ways of maintaining a healthy mouth for your pets, that your pets new dental health regimen will feel like a breeze, plus you'll have the added advantage of potentially avoiding hefty vet’s bills in cases where your precious pet might need some sort of complicated dental procedure. 

What is National Pet Dental Health Month?

National Pet Dental Health Month is a campaign started by the American Veterinary Medical Association in order to highlight the significance and importance of oral health care for our furry friends. Good quality dental care is so important for all of our furry friends, as a lack of it can lead to problems such as tartar build-up, bad breath and can lead to more serious problems like heart problems and kidney disease. 

National Pet Dental Health Month is celebrated in the US every February and you can find out all about this cool campaign at the American Veterinary Medical Association Website.

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Some Common Pet Dental Issues and Their Causes

Our pets are prone to a very similar set of issues that we humans are. The most common problems for our furry friends include things like bad breath, tartar build-ups, periodontal disease, and broken teeth and roots. The most common of these is the periodontal disease which affects nearly all dogs by the age of three. This disease can be treated effectively but does require your pet to be anaesthetised, which can be a traumatic and expensive experience for everyone involved. 

The good news is, that nearly all cases of this and many other doggy dental health care issues can be easily prevented with a few simple changes to your and your pet’s routine.

How to Prevent Pet Dental Health Problems 

So, in order to make sure we can avoid the avoidable, we should all be undertaking a routine of preventative measures to ensure our pets have the best chance of avoiding any future problems in and around their mouths. 

The single most effective thing you can do to improve and maintain dental health in animals is to regularly brush their teeth. This may sound like something that would be near impossible with your pet but it is really the only way to truly have an effective dental health routine for them. Products such as Dorwest Roast Dinner Toothpaste is specifically formulated for your dogs and cats and makes the whole process much more enjoyable for them with its enticing flavour. Most dogs will eventually get used to having their teeth brushed, especially if you start at a younger age, cats however can be a little less receptive!

Dorwest Toothpaste for Dogs

If your animal simply won't allow its teeth to be brushed, there are plenty of other options available. 

There is also a fabulous range of dental treats and food additives that can be used for cats and dogs in the form the brilliant Plaque Off, which makes keeping a healthy mouth as simple as giving your pet a feed.

For our precious pooches, there are a whole host of options available including dental chews, oral care foams, water additives, gels, treats and bones to name but a few, and you can find out all about them right here at The Pets Larder.

Dental Care for Pets
So, whilst National Pet Dental Health Month is going on over the Atlantic, why not reassess your pet’s oral hygiene routine and make sure you are giving them the best chance of avoiding a potentially painful future.
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