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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Our Favourite Puzzle Toys for Dogs - Dogs Playing with Puzzle Toys - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

Our Favourite Puzzle Toys for Dogs

There's an old saying that goes “a tired dog is a happy dog” and at The Pets Larder we could not agree more. If your dog is given enough mental and physical stimulation throughout the day they will be as content as a pooch can be. Keeping your dogs engaged is also important as it keeps them using their brains and bodies on a daily basis which helps to maintain naturally healthy hounds. One of the best ways to do this is with a puzzle or enrichment toy which are toys that are designed to test your furry friend’s minds, paws and mouths when it's time for a treat. These wondrous toys are designed specially to perplex and engage even the most energetic of dogs and get them to the evening, ready for some snuggle time on the sofa and not that perpetual playtime! 

The Best Puzzle and Enrichment Toys For Dogs

Puzzle and enrichment toys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and at The Pets Larder we’ve carefully curated a range of tremendous toys that are some of the best around. From the classic KONG to some brand new and highly innovative options, we've got a host of toys that will help your dog develop their thinking and motor skills, and help to keep them content whenever it’s playtime.

KONG Dog Toys

KONG have been industry leaders since the early 1970s  and are still top of the dog toy game. Since the invention of the Classic KONG this wonderful company has been producing a range of innovative interactive toys and other playthings that are now sold in over 80 countries worldwide. KONG pride themselves on being committed to making toys that fulfill your dogs need to play whilst being safe and durable and at The Pets Larder that is an ethos we can easily get behind.

KONG Classic and Peanut Butter for dogs 

The KONG classic has been in production since the day the company started and today is almost synonymous with dog ownership. This instantly recognisable red snowman shaped toy was developed after the founder of KONG noticed his dog had an affinity with a particular car part in his garage and so the KONG Classic was born. The KONG toy has a myriad of uses as it can be used to fetch, chew and chase, its unusual shape making for unpredictable movements, as well as you being stuffed with treats to act as a puzzle for your pooch. At Natural Cornish Pet we love to stuff our KONGs with our very own xylitol free, dog friendly peanut butter which makes for a fantastically fun and tremendously tasty treat. The KONGs stuffed with Natural Cornish Pet Peanut Butter can also be frozen on those hot summer days to help keep your canine companion cool. 

KONG classic
Peanut butter for dogs - A grain free dog treat.

KONG Treat Spiral Stick 

Most dogs absolutely love a stick and this behaviour can be traced back to their natural foraging instincts, and what can improve a stick? One with treats inside! The KONG Treat Spiral Stick is brand new to our shelves at Natural Cornish Pet and we absolutely love it already. The rolling motion and uniquely unpredictable movement of the spiral stick engages dogs and rewards their mental and physical exertion with treats that are dispensed during play. Stuff with training treats or similar and watch your dog be entertained for hours with this marvellously puzzling toy. 

KONG treat spiral stick - A perfect accompaniment to grain free dog treats.

JW Hol-ee Roller 

If a classic ball is more your dog's style then why not try a Hol-ee Roller from JW Pet Products. Available in four fabulous sizes these brilliant balls are made with a unique hexagonal pattern in a soft but durable rubber that are perfect for fetch, tug of war and to stuff with some tasty treats to keep the playtime engaging for as long as it can be. At Natural Cornish Pet we love to stuff our Hol-ee Rollers with our Pig Ears for dogs which are delicious dehydrated treats that are all natural and grain free as well as having a host of nutritional benefits. The ears are wonderfully chewy, great for your dog's dental health and are perfect for a puzzle toy as they add yet another extra dimension to your pup's playtime. 

JW Hol-ee roller

If you've got a perfect puppy that is always on the go or an older dog that gets bored of the same old toys, we think it's about time you tried a puzzle toy to keep them captivated and help maintain their mental and physical acuity too. At The Pets Larder, Cornwall's Best Natural Pet Shop, we've got a whole host of brilliantly baffling toys and superbly succulent stuffings that will help us get to that tired but happy dog we all love.

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