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New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
The Best Subscription Box For Dogs; Bark None - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

The Best Subscription Box For Dogs; Bark None

Every month, the team here at The Pets Larder curates a perfect package of the very best all-natural treats and chews to astonish and astound your furry friends with some of the best flavours, tastes and textures around.   

Our monthly subscription boxes are packed with a magnificent melange of the newest natural treats on the market, alongside some classic treats and chews, that we all know and love. 

We think the best subscription boxes for dogs are picked and packed from the heart and, as such, we always choose the contents of our doggy subscription boxes with all the care and attention we can muster.

In today's article, we will be giving you a glimpse inside our August Monthly Treat Box for Dogs, so you can see what delights await you when you decide to sign up and give the gift that keeps on giving to your favourite four-legged friends. 

Dog With Natural Cornish Pet Subscription Box

Our Delightful Doggy Subscription Boxes

As we mentioned above, every month our team of doggy experts gets together to select a bundle of some of the best-selling and most popular treats and chews we have on our shelves here, at The Pets Larder. These monthly boxes are packed with a superb selection of all-natural, hypoallergenic and delightfully delicious treats for your four-legged friends to enjoy each and every month. Our subscription boxes are available as a one-off, as well as being available as a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription box comes with a 5% discount as well as free delivery, what could be better?

Our Super Summer Subscription Box for Dogs 

As August is in full swing and we all get ourselves in the mood for entertainment ‘al-fresco’, we thought our summer subscription box should have a theme that enables your furry friends to enjoy all that summer has to offer, so we went with BBQ for our August theme. Our August subscription box for dogs is stuffed with the best summery treats for your dogs to enjoy whilst the sun is shining and the good times are flowing. 

The Pets Larder - Monthly Subscription Box For Dogs - August

Our August subscription box for dogs has six fantastic foodstuffs for your dog to enjoy and includes a brand new product that we are sure your canine companions will go mad for.

Get the Full Lowdown on the Best Subscription Box for Dogs Here>

Pawtato - Seaweed Tubes

Another vegan option in our wonderful August subscription box is these deliciously nourishing seaweed based tubes from Benevo. These all-natural treats are Vegan Society approved and are made from a magical mix of sweet potatoes, rice and seaweed, perfect for any dog that is keeping an eye on their carbon pawprint.

Benevo Pawtato Dog Chews with Seaweed

Get Your Pawtato Seaweed Tubes Here>

The Pets Larder - Duck Wings 

Our very own Duck Wings are produced here in the UK and are carefully air-dried so they are crunchy, fully digestible and safe for our dogs to enjoy. High in iron, low in fat and calories and great for oral healthcare, these wonderful wings are perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes.

The Pets Larder - Chicken, Potato and Tumeric Sausages

Turmeric has been found to help the health of our canine companions to no end, and these delicious sausages are the perfect way to deliver this super spice to your dogs diet. 

Get BBQ Ready With our Superb Turmeric Sausages Here>

Lilys Kitchen - Best Ever Beef Burgers

Synonymous with any British BBQ, the humble burger is a mainstay for us humans and we think your furry friends will go mad for Lily’s Kitchen's alternative for dogs. Their mini beef burgers are made with 80% British beef and are the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor dining with your dogs.

Lily's Kitchen Best Ever Beef Burgers for Dogs

Woolf - Chicken and Seafood

The flavour of surf ’n’ turf can’t fail to delight your dogs, can it? We don't think so, and these wonderful treats from Woolf wonderfully mix the flavours of chicken and the sea seamlessly, resulting in a moreish treat that your dog’s wont be able to resist.

Treat Your Dogs to Some Superb Seafood Flavours Here>

So, if you want to keep your dog happy all year long with a selection of the very best all-natural treats and chews that are available, why not treat them to one of the best dog subscription boxes around (if we do say so ourselves!) and watch them wolf them down with wholesome wonder.

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