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UK Dog Walking Guide: The Best of Excellent East Anglia - The Pets Larder Natural Pet Shop

UK Dog Walking Guide: The Best of Excellent East Anglia

The next area to be visited on our whistle-stop tour of mainland UK is the most easterly point on our dog walking guide, the fabulous East Anglia. Before I moved into the gorgeous Cornwall countryside, I spent most of my formative years in and around Norfolk and feel I can write about some of the dog-walks in this awesome list, with a sense of overwhelming confidence! East Anglia is comprised of three counties, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, and with its easy-going terrain, rolling countryside and mild climate, it is a perfect place to explore with your dogs. The lay of the land in East Anglia tends to be flatter than other parts of the country, with gentle undulations of arable farmland as far as the eye can see, framed by sandy beaches lined with dunes and gorgeous grasslands. 

This part of the country also boasts several large areas of natural importance, including The Norfolk Broads and a significant part of The Fens, as well as a veritable plethora of nature reserves, woodlands and some breathtaking coastline habitats too. So you can see some amazing nature when you are on your adventures with your furry friends in these awesome eastern counties.

Existing since the 6th century, East Anglia also has a rich historical tapestry with a cornucopia of castles, stately homes and resplendent ruins to put on your itinerary when you and your canine companions decide to visit. From Norwich Castle and Blicking Hall in Norfolk to Somerleyton Hall and Cambridge University in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire respectively, there’s no shortage of history to see and learn about in the effervescent East Anglia.


As I alluded to above, Norfolk was my old stomping ground, so I could go on for pages about the things to see and do in this fine county. However, I must stick to just a couple of my favourite places and one that tops most lists in our family is Blickling Hall and its gorgeous grounds. Since I was small, my grandparents have lived in a house just a short walk from this fantastic National Trust property, and I have spent many a happy hour romping around the grounds of the estate with my family and our dogs. Alongside its gorgeously grand Jacobean house, Blickling has so many things to see and do in its grounds and gardens it will keep your whole family entertained for multiple days out. Take a relaxing stroll around the stunning lake, spot deer in the historic woodland, find the pyramidical mausoleum tucked away in the trees or take one of the many guided walks that are available, all with your furry friends by your side. And when you're ready for rest, your and your canine companion can refuel and recuperate at the dog-friendly Farmyard Cafe, which serves a delicious range of drinks and light snacks, as well as doggy ice creams and other tasty canine treats.

Dog Walks in East Anglia, Blickling Hall Norfolk

My second pick is the wonderful Wells-next-the-Sea which is situated in the heart of the North Norfolk coast. This half-hidden gem is the perfect place to take your dogs as it has an amazing variety of wonderful walks, with its huge sweeping stretches of sandy beach punctuated by colourful beach huts and lined by Corsican pine woodland, as well as the quaint harbour-fronted town centre that has fish & chips and pubs aplenty, to refresh you when your rambling is done for the day. 

Dog Walking Norfolk


Just over the border from noble Norfolk is stunning Suffolk with its quaint villages, historic towns and a plethora of perfect countryside to get your boots and paws muddy in. 

Dunwich is one of the jewels in the crown of Suffolk, with its rare habitat that is home to some very special species of animals, awe-inspiring heathland and beautiful beach. Whatever the time of year, there is always something magical to see in this spectacular place for you and your canine companions.

Dunwich Suffolk Dog Walking


Most notable for its alumni and historic university, Cambridgeshire is another fantastic place to get out and about with your dogs. 

In 1989, The Magog Trust opened up over 160 acres of grasslands in this pretty corner of Cambridgeshire for the express use of conservation and public recreation. Ever since, Magog Down has been looked after by a dedicated team and has flourished under their care, with wildlife and native plants taking over once more. Unusually for East Anglia, Magog Down also boasts a series of hills and high points, offering some of the best views the area has to offer. This place is really a great chance for you and your dogs to be at one with nature on a holistic hike across the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Magog Down Dog Walking Cambridgeshire

East Anglia is absolutely packed to the rafters with amazing things to see and do with your dogs by your side. So next time you’re mulling over your dog-friendly staycation options, make sure the effervescent East Anglia is high on the list.

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