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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Why Good Quality Pet Food is More Affordable in the Long Run - The Pets Larder A Natural Pet Shop

Why Good Quality Pet Food is More Affordable in the Long Run

After a rough year in 2022 with even more austerity measures coming into play, you’d think that things couldn’t get any worse. However, according to some media outlets, this will be the case in 2023, with soaring energy costs and inflated tax and mortgage bills for large swathes of the population. Sadly these problems often hit the most vulnerable people the hardest and in many cases our pets.

At The Pets Larder we are often espousing the benefit of feeding your pets the best foods you possibly can, but, we are also aware that when money gets tight it can seem tempting to cut corners on quality as long as your dog or cat has a decent meal in them.

We know that when money is in short supply buying cheaper brands of our daily essentials can seem like a good idea, however, as with any foodstuff or household product, when you scrimp on the quality you are often left wishing you had paid just that little bit more to have something that gives you everything you expect from it.

Dog with Bowl in Mouth

Cheaper pet foods may seem good in the short term, but, cutting back on the quality can lead to a greater risk of dental hygiene problems, eating foods where contamination could be present due to lack of oversight in production, ingredients that all animals should avoid and the real risk of causing allergies and intolerances in your beloved furry friends. Many of these problems can lead to the dreaded vet visit and the expensive bills that can follow. So it really is best to make sure your dogs are eating the very best foods they can to make your life more affordable in the long run.

Vets Bills and Unwanted Vet Trips

Better quality of food will inevitably lead to fewer trips to the vet. A diet that has a higher level of nutrients and fewer unwanted ingredients in it will give your dogs a much better chance of staying healthy and recovering if they are taken ill. A 2003 study in Belgium (Relations between Domestic Dogs’ Well-Being and Life expectancy)  found that dogs could even live longer if fed a diet high in nutrients. This study also went on to say that “the characteristics of natural nutritional foods are often missing in industrial canned dog foods”, due to industrial processes, quality of ingredients and chemical additives. 

From this study and other statements made by dog professionals, we can come to the conclusion that better-quality foods will naturally lead to a lower need for veterinary help and the expensive bills they entail. 

Dental Hygiene in Dogs

Your dogs' dental hygiene can also be affected by commercially produced foods due to their makeup. The main culprits of this are high levels of additives and sugars, which are often added to make the foods more palatable, sticking to the surface of teeth and causing plaque build-up. Healthy and naturally made dry dog foods like the ones from Aflora, are made without any additives or added sugars and can reduce the need for costly trips to the vet for unnecessary dental procedures. However, it is worth noting that no dog food, no matter its quality, cuts out the need for a regular dental hygiene routine.

Insufferable Ingredients in Cheap Pet Foods

Dog and Cat With Good Quality Pet Food Ingredients

Many cheaper industrially made dog foods are made with profit in mind rather than the well-being of your pets. This often leads to additional ingredients, colourings, preservatives and fillers that are added without the nutritional needs of your pups being taken into account. Common additives in commercial dog foods, that are the root cause of a whole plethora of health problems, include:

All of the above ingredients can be a real burden to the well-being of your dog, again leading to potentially pricey intervention by veterinary professionals down the line. And, frankly, with names like butylated hydroxyanisole, it's not that surprising we should be steering well clear! 

The Best Quality Dog Foods With Affordable Price Per Portion

Why Good Quality Pet Food is More Affordable in the Long Run

At The Pets Larder, all of the foods, chews and treats for dogs and cats are chosen or made with your pet's best interests at heart so you can always be sure of the very best quality. Furthermore, with top-quality, all-natural, dog foods being available that would work out at less than 0.45p per portion, for an average-sized dog (like Artie our bouncing Borderdoodle), you can give your dog the very best without breaking the bank.  

So in conclusion, when it comes to affordability, picking the best possible pet foods for your animals should always be a priority as you will, more often than not, be saving yourself a lot of money, worry and stress in the long run.

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