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FREE gift on orders over £10, click here | New Customers SAVE 10% - CODE: NEW-10 | Previously Known As Natural Cornish Pet
Benevo Pawtato Vegan Dog Chews

Brilliant Benevo - Vegan Dog Chews

Here at The Pets Larder, we are happiest when we are working with brands who are committed to providing the best possible all-natural foods, treats and chews for our dogs as well as ones that have an ethos of environmentalism at their heart. We are constantly looking for premium brands that provide alternatives to mainstream brands that have profit-making at their core rather than an emphasis on what’s best for our furry friends and our environment.

We also love to see brands who are developing meat-free alternatives to some of the products we treat our dogs to daily, as it is always better for the environment and, more often than not, better for our canine companion's health too.

One of our favourite brands and one that specialises in vegetarian and vegan chews is the brilliant Benevo.

Benevo is an independent company based in the UK and has been making vegan-friendly dog treats for nearly 20 years.

In today's post, we will be giving you the lowdown on Benevo and shining a spotlight on some of the amazing products that we have on our shelves, here at The Pets Larder, that are made by this industry-leading company.

Dog With Carrots in Mouth

All About Benevo

Benevo was launched in 2004 when the brains behind this fabulous company noticed the lack of plant-based pet options for those of us in vegan and vegetarian households. Even their name is based on their positive ethos, coming from the word benevolent which means ‘well-meaning’ or ‘to do good’. Benevo is based in Hampshire and is a family-owned business with vegans and vegan ethics at its core, showing a brilliant commitment to the cause throughout the whole of the business. 

Benevo believes in providing real-world alternatives to meat-based pet products, putting all their knowledge and skills into making vegan chews and treats that still contain all the essential nutrients found in meat, as well as using bio-available alternatives to non-animal sources.  

Since its launch, Benevo has been committed to investment, research and production of a resplendent range of plant-based pet products, leading to them becoming a pioneer in meat-free pet food nutrition. 

The whole range of Benevo products is approved by the UK Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society and PETA, due to their vegan credentials and commitment to the highest of ethical standards. Benevo has also achieved the highest possible score, 100/100, from the Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Organisation Award and Ethical Consumer Magazine, rated their organic dog foods with a 20/20, the most ethical dog food in the category.

As well as all of this, all of the chews and treats that we have on our shelves, which are made by Benevo, are also certified organic as well as being grain-free, so you can be assured of the best possible ingredients inside as well as them being brilliantly hypoallergenic to boot. 

Benevo Logo

Vegan Dog Treats 

As we all know, one of the best things we can do for the environment is to reduce the amount of meat and meat-based products that our households consume. With more and more shops and supermarkets providing vegan and vegetarian alternatives for us humans, it’s no wonder the pet food industry is catching up and we are seeing more awesome options for our furry friends too.

See all of our Vegetarian Treat Options Here>

As we alluded to above, Benevo is an industry leader in producing vegan pet food and we are super stoked to have some of their fantastic chews and treats on our shelves, so you can swap some of your treaty meaty morsels for powerful plant-based alternatives.

Pawtato Dog Chews are a complementary food range from Benevo that are made from organically grown, non-GMO sweet potato, rice and a whole host of other all-natural goodies. These chews are high in phytonutrients and antioxidants, as well as being a rich source of vitamins A and C, and manganese. You can find out all about the super sweet potato and how beneficial they are for our dogs Here>

The Pawtato range from Benevo is the perfect way to reduce the meat in your dog's diet, as well as being hypoallergenic, free from any additives and utterly irresistible to our furry friends. These chews are also an excellent alternative to rawhide chews that are produced with damaging processes such as bleaching and sterilisation, as well as being potentially lethal for your dogs, not to mention the damage meat production can cause when making this kind of chew. 

In short, if you're looking for a vegan alternative for your dog daily chews, the Pawtato range from Benevo should be top of your list.

Benevo Pawtato Vegan Dog Chews

With its ethical principles, vegan business model and a commitment to improving the health of your dogs and our environment, we are more than proud to stock a resplendent range of Benevo products at The Pets Larder.

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